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  Quiet Life 23:37 10 Jan 2009

In Outlook Express I was able to split my contacts into different
groups (family, friends etc) - effectively subfolders of the address book. These showed down the lefthand side.
I created subfolders of the contact folders and put the contacts(family friends etc) in there.
Leaving my most used contacts.
However when I click on To in a new e-mail the whole list appears. Creating Groups is of no help as you cannot open them to select individula contacts and only the whole group is in the To area.
Is there any solution?

  Woolwell 00:17 11 Jan 2009

I don't use Windows Mail or Windows Contacts but I see that in Windows Contacts it is possible to create a new folder within the main contacts. What happens if you drop your family/friends in there I don't know but it may be worthwhile experimenting.

  Quiet Life 15:46 11 Jan 2009

Thanks Woolwell. The new subfolders I created are the new folders that you refer to and they do not show when clicking on To in e-mail. It just shows all the addresses including those dropped into the new folders.

  Pineman100 18:10 11 Jan 2009

My wife runs Windows Live Mail (it's free from Microsoft - click here), which she thinks is a better email client than Windows Mail. In WLM, you can go into your contacts window, create a Group, and then copy your chosen individuals into that group (as I imagine you have done).

She prefers to *copy*, rather than *move* people into the group, so that they also remain in the main list of individuals. That gives her the choice of whether to email the whole group, or just one of the individuals.

If, however, she wants to email, say, 8 out of 11 people in a group, she inserts the group into the 'To' field of the email, where it appears with a '+' sign against it. Clicking the + sign shows all the individual email addresses instead of just the group name, enabling her to delete the few people who she doesn't want to receive the email.

I hope that helps.

  Pineman100 18:22 11 Jan 2009

I've been investigating WLM further on my wife's computer. I find that if you go to Tools>Contacts, the contacts window shows three panes. The right-hand one shows the details of whoever is selected in the contacts list, the centre one shows all individual contacts at a list, and the left-hand pane shows a list of all Groups.

If you click on a Group, its members are listed individually in the centre pane. Click on one member of the group, and their details appear in the right-hand pane. Click on their email address, and a Create New Email window opens up with their email address already in the To field.

Does that do what you want?

  Pineman100 18:23 11 Jan 2009

...all individual contacts AS a list...

  mobileman1953 18:27 11 Jan 2009

use contacts side bar gadget click on name in there e mail opens with that contacts mame in the address bar

  Quiet Life 23:06 11 Jan 2009

Pineman100, mobileman1953 thanks for your input.
I regret that none of your suggestions covers what I was achieving easily in OE.
When I opened a new e-mail and clicked To a Select Recipents window came up showing my most used contacts and also Groups. Other contacts were filed in folders which showed to the left and on opening a folder individual contacts could be added to the e-mail. All the members of a Group could be e-mailed by clicking on the group shown in the main Select Recipients window.
I have several hundred e-mail addresses and OE is much easier and quicker to achieve what I wanted.
I appreciate that Windows Mail and Live can achieve this but not so easily unless there is some other way.

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