windows mail accounts sending emails from a

  athenrye 14:28 03 Nov 2010

i have several email addresses for my websites forums etc, lets say x, y, z

my main blueyonder account is my default as thats who my supplier is lets say A

when i get an email from a website from a personal email x,y,z and then try to reply to it it wont send as x,y,z isnt my outgoing provider

i have to go tot he mail and change it to A

in the accounts propewrties all the outgoing smtp are blueyonder smtp for A

is there a way so that when i reply yo an email from xyz that it auto sends from A without me having to change it everytime

  athenrye 20:16 03 Nov 2010


  mgmcc 21:12 03 Nov 2010

Normal behaviour in an email program is to reply to messages via the "Default" account, irrespective of the account in which it was received. I've used several programs and haven't come across an option to reply automatically via the receiving account.

...which doesn't mean that there isn't a program that supports this feature!

  athenrye 21:37 03 Nov 2010

hi mgmcc
i want the rly to go from my default account, as thats the only one that will send it back

thats the blueyonder i refer to as A

windows mail tries to send the mails back from x,y,z which i dont want, i then have to manually change the sender to my default account which is a pain

the smtp in the x,y, z is set to blueyonder

so basically i get an email from x,y,z and when it hit reply it wont send as thats not my default account

  Woolwell 22:16 03 Nov 2010

My Outlook 2007 replies automatically via the account which it was received through. Outlook 2003 did before that. I'll have to check Windows Mail.

  Woolwell 22:19 03 Nov 2010

How have you set up the send side of your non blueyonder accounts? I have my own domain name and I have set it up so that the smtp is for that domain.

There is a snag with Virgin in that if you send using virgin set up it often appears as if the e-mail was sent from Virgin even if another account was used.

  athenrye 01:13 04 Nov 2010

i have all the acounts a and x,y,z set so that the smtp is blueyonder

but the x, z, y dont send as they came from my other domains

surley theres an easy fix for this

  mgmcc 07:40 04 Nov 2010

I'm sure you're right. My copy of Outlook is dedicated to work email in conjunction with a Microsoft Exchange server, so I can't really play about with it.

  mgmcc 07:44 04 Nov 2010

I also use Blueyonder and obviously use their SMTP server to send all mail. However, my messages are *ALL* sent using a personal domain name, never the Blueyonder address. You shouldn't be having a problem replying with whichever domain address you choose. Have you configured SMTP Authentication in your outgoing mail settings?

  The Kestrel 09:42 04 Nov 2010

I use Thunderbird for all my three email accounts. When I reply to an email Thunderbird always uses whichever of my three email addresses the incoming email used.

  Woolwell 11:14 04 Nov 2010

I have 4 accounts and use Virgin (which blueyonder is part of) and use the smtp for Virgin for only 2 of them. The other 2 are gmail and my own domain. For gmail I use the gmail smtp and for my own domain I use the smtp for the host company.

Concur with mgmcc in that you should check your smtp settings.

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