Windows Logo on the logon Screen

  Bob The Nob 11:47 29 Mar 2004

Can I change the windows logo on the Windows 98 Logon Screen? If so how?

  V1PER 11:57 29 Mar 2004

if your talking about the logo screen this is usually stored in logo.sys in the root directory but also a proagram called winlogo changer could be useful for you this can be downloaded at
click here

hope this helps!

  Bob The Nob 12:03 29 Mar 2004

No, I mean the screen where you have to enter a password to logon, there is a windows logo & I think you can change it, how?

  temp003 12:33 29 Mar 2004

You mean you're not happy with changing the background picture, but what appears on the actual dialogue box/prompt for logging in?

  temp003 12:38 29 Mar 2004

If that's what you want, it sounds like a job for "Resource Hacker", and edit the dialog box - don't try unless you know what you're doing. It's not going to be an easy job.

  Bob The Nob 12:49 29 Mar 2004

I don't know what I am doing, please help!

  colberly 12:59 29 Mar 2004

If this is what you mean go to Start, settings, control panel and click on display and you can remove the windows logo if you want. I have mine set to 'none' Which displays a blank screen.

  Bob The Nob 13:10 29 Mar 2004

No, you know the family logon screen, there is a windows logo which I would like to change.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:44 29 Mar 2004

It can be done but if it is done wrong the system wont boot and u may have to reinstall windows to put it right,i only tried it once a long time ago and although it did boot the logo screen was mishaped and luckily i was able to restor it,up to you click here


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