Windows Loading Up Error on Startup

  ShIvZ 16:55 15 Jan 2009

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

My computer is probably having a hardware issue. Whenever it used to load up windows, it would take between five to ten minutes before it got past the windows loading bar. Since yesterday however, it won’t get passed the loading bar at all, it gets stuck there.

I have already tried re-installing windows, both windows xp home and xp pro. I’ve also tried using a restore point to as far as a week ago using windows safe mode, but that didn’t’ work either.

I feel as if this is a hardware problem, since it’s been taking a long time to load up windows in the past, but sometimes it would just start up within a minute, if it were a virus or something else software-matic I guess it would have ALWAYS taken ten minutes to load up.

Does anyone know what this problem is and what I need to do or replace to get my computer working again?

Kind regards,
Mr J

  MAT ALAN 17:03 15 Jan 2009

If you have reinstalled your O/S and you are having the same issues it may well be your HDD is dying.

click here

There are some diagnostic tools in the link that might help in pinpointing your problem...

  ShIvZ 17:07 15 Jan 2009

it does run in safe mode tho :S

so if the HDD was dying...then wouldnt it crash in safe mode too?

  lotvic 17:07 15 Jan 2009

First thing is to check the basics.
Unplug the pc from the mains socket on wall.

Take side off pc and check all internal connections are firmly seated.
Take out the RAM modules and reseat them back in.
Ditto for any plug-in cards on motherboard.
Put side back on pc and check all cables firmly seated.

Plug wall socket back in and boot up.

  MAT ALAN 17:13 15 Jan 2009

lotvic, good advice sensible to do the basics first.
If all hardware is sat correctly then try HDD test you could also test memory as well
click here

  lotvic 00:28 16 Jan 2009

I learnt the hard way... spent a fortnight with crashes, not responding etc. and then discovered keyboard wasn't plugged in tight and kept getting dislodged. (sigh)

  birdface 09:55 16 Jan 2009

Also check that the air vents are not clogged up with dust and fluff,if so inside will also need cleaning.

  birdface 10:24 16 Jan 2009

Maybe check Device Manager and make sure that there are no yellow exclamation marks anywhere.Maybe try Driver Max click here it will tel you if any drivers are needing updated.

  ShIvZ 12:22 16 Jan 2009

why wud it run in safe mode and not in normal though?

  lotvic 21:55 22 Jan 2009

because in safe mode not all of the drivers etc are loaded, only the essentials.

  User-312386 21:59 22 Jan 2009

I assume you have loaded the MOBO drivers and Graphics card drivers?

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