Windows Live Messenger woes

  Red Devil 13:15 09 Jan 2009

Hi all,

OK, I use the above IM to talk to a friend of mine in Sweden. Today, however, it will not work without crashing my PC with the dreaded BSOD and I have a Vista PC to boot which isn't supposed to suffer from BSODs (I know, it's as funny as it sounds!).

Any attempt to sign in will automatically crash my PC. I have tried repairing the program and have uninstalled and reinstalled twice now, all with no joy.

There are 2 things I am after:-

1) Does anyone have any help/suggestions to solve this issue? It has been temperamental for a couple of weeks but only crashed once in a while. Now it is every time I try to sign in to MSN.

2) Failing that, does anyone know of an MSN clone that supports audio/voice calls? I have tried aMSN and Pidgin but both programs either have no intention of supporting audio calls or audio call support is due some time in the distant future.



PS, what I don't need as a reply to this thread is some smart alec asking me why I use MSN for IM as I bet someone will think about posting that. My friend will only use MSN as it works fine for her. Sorry to add that but I've seen too many people reply to posts asking for solutions to programs with "why use that program, use this one instead" :(

  MAT ALAN 13:42 09 Jan 2009

what does the BSOD say, could be a third party issue, audio drivers, peripheral (headset or the likes) issue...

  MAT ALAN 13:44 09 Jan 2009

OOOOH!! forgot

just been on the phone to smart alec he suggests this

click here

  Red Devil 13:51 09 Jan 2009


Thanks - just downloaded and installed the program just before I read your reply as I see it supports audio calls. :)

As for the BSOD, I can't see what it says before the PC restarts.

Will see if Trillian works with my friend and, if it does, will unisntall Windows Live Messenger.

PS, the smart alec comment was meant for those people who might suggest using YIM, AIM or ICQ rather than MSN. My fault for being annoyed when I write that post and it not being very clear as a result.

  MAT ALAN 13:54 09 Jan 2009

My fault for being annoyed

hey, not a problem, work arounds are OK if that is what you want, by telling us exactly what you are after it makes the job a bit easier, couldn't resist the quip tho'...

  Red Devil 13:56 09 Jan 2009

It did make me smile so nice work. :)

Just hope that I can get Trillian to work with SimpLite as my friend and I talk about some pretty personal stuff and don't want just anyone, just my friend, to be able to read what we type about. ;)

  MAT ALAN 14:01 09 Jan 2009

SimpLite-MSN is compatible with most clients including Trillian

click here

text taken from link...

  Red Devil 14:04 09 Jan 2009

I have SimpLite-MSN so will re-install it.

Not sure if it's against the rules for the forum but we talk to each other about our sex lives and while our respective partners know and don't mind us chatting I don't want anyone else to see!!! ;)

  MAT ALAN 14:05 09 Jan 2009

If you have any BSOD issues in the future follow instructions in the link...

click here

the info you get from a BSOD can go a long way to diagnosing the problem...

  Red Devil 14:25 09 Jan 2009

I installed Trillian and it works perfectly so far.

I reinstalled SimpLite-MSN and got the same error that I got with Windows Live Messenger so wonder if that's the underlying cause to Windows Live Messenger not working and crashing my PC.

The error I get is:-

Can't bind on port 11863 (Service MSN, Id: 0)

Wonder what that means as I bet solving this issue will sort out my MSN issues?

Anyone with any help/suggestions?



  MAT ALAN 14:32 09 Jan 2009

I think it is related to flashplayer update to latest should resolve the issue...

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