Windows Live Messenger Over Wireless Connection

  CMC 42 14:54 19 Jul 2006

I managed to login once to import my contacts list from MSN7 into this, but now it just goes round and round in circles.

If I use the troubleshooter it tests everything and puts complete, but there is no tick next to my wireless connection.

Is it something to do with my in built wireless (Intel PRO Wireless 2200BG) ?

Please help.

(I know it's not my account as I can still log in using adium on the MAC)

  brundle 14:59 19 Jul 2006

I was emailed the news that Live was finally out of beta, downloaded and installed it, didnt work - `connection problem`, reinstalled 7.5 which worked anyway and still does. And half the here

  brundle 15:00 19 Jul 2006

Not wireless though, even so....

  SANTOS7 15:00 19 Jul 2006

click here
follow thread it may help...

  CMC 42 15:08 19 Jul 2006

Thanks I'll have a look at that thread - thing is from the beginning it says that it disconnects every few minutes, mine won't connect at all. Even when I did log it in that once, when I moved my mouse over the quick start Icon it said 'connection error'

I click sign in and it goes 'signing in'. When I look at the connection settings it says 'You are directly connected to .NET messenger service' which I can clearly see I'm not. There also appears to be an Exclamation mark between the image of a comuter and what I assume is a modem?

  CMC 42 16:01 19 Jul 2006

Right - I tried repairing it (again) and this time it has logged in. However it says when you put your mouse over the symbol in the quicksart that says you're online - it says "connection error" not sure whether it's working or not as according to it, none of my contacts are online. :?

  CMC 42 16:05 19 Jul 2006

Well, it appears to be working, just oddly displaying a connection error - trouble is no one is online to test it?

  CMC 42 16:11 19 Jul 2006

Well I'm talking to someone, but according to my list they are offline :confused: Well actually it is telling me that they are not on my contact list when clearly they are!

(The connection error, is something about it not being able to update my list on other computers).

  CMC 42 16:16 19 Jul 2006

All working now - no Idea what was going on though.


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