Windows Live Messenger frustration

  JoE. 22:07 23 Nov 2006

Recently, Windows Live messenger has been a bit erratic when signing in, sometimes signing in with difficulty, other times, such as this evening, not at all for prolonged periods. I've deleted & reinstalled it, but with no effect. Anyone got any more (better) ideas?

Thanks :o)

  JoE. 22:09 23 Nov 2006

Now that's irony for ya. The instant I posted that, I tried again and lo and behold, it worked! Doubtless it will cease within the hour, though, so any help would be much appreciated. :o)

  Edward-207256 22:12 23 Nov 2006

I have had a few problems with windows live messenger, and have related it to my firewall. what firewall are you using? Not ZoneAlarm by anychance?

  JoE. 22:13 23 Nov 2006

Of any firewall running. How would I check?

  Edward-207256 22:32 23 Nov 2006

hm, well if you have zonealarm, there has been issues with windows live messenger, but other than that, i am not sure. Maybe it is just having a bad day, although my msn has been doing the sort for a week or so now.

Hope you get some help


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