Windows Live Messenger

  lulubelle 20:20 30 Sep 2006

Hi All,
I have just installed Windows Live Messenger 8 on my brand new PC. I am getting
a message within Windows Live Today, which says..... "There was an error during sign-in. Try again.If you are not using the most recent version of Messenger,please click below to upgrade." I have obviously got the most recent version, as I downloaded it from the Microsoft site, and when I click the upgrade button, nothing happens. Anybody got any ideas?

  rdave13 20:37 30 Sep 2006
  lulubelle 20:44 30 Sep 2006

Hi Rdave13, Thanks for your reply.
I've already sent an e-mail to microsoft (two in fact). I've been waiting for a reply for 5 days now and I've got fed up. I thought that somebody on the forum might just know a fix.I could be lucky!!

  rdave13 20:46 30 Sep 2006

The FAQ's on the right are very useful. Drag the page to the left a bit for answers.

  rdave13 21:13 30 Sep 2006

Have you checked your firewall so it allows MSNmsgr.exe?

  lulubelle 21:38 30 Sep 2006

My firewall is allowing Messenger,Rdave13, I don't know what you mean about the FAQ's. I don't see any on the page

  lulubelle 21:40 30 Sep 2006

Soory, I've just seen the FAQ's

  rdave13 21:51 30 Sep 2006

Open the link and there is a list in blue text under the heading "Frequently Asked Questions" It's to the right.
Drag the whole page slightly to the left and click on one of the questions in the list.
Ie, "error 8004011 or 80040154: you cannot sign in to Windows Live Messenger".
A new page will open in the right hand side. Drag that page to the left slightly and expand the right side of that page to see the full text.

  lulubelle 18:17 01 Oct 2006

I've just received an e-mail from Microsoft, which was no help whatsoever, just the usual uninstall/reinstall. This is despite me telling them that I have already done this numerous times. I e-mailed back saying that their "solution" was no good. I expect I'll have to wait another 5 days. Just thought I'd give an update,and say thanks for all your help.

  ianeon 18:20 01 Oct 2006

I upgraded to Windows Live messenger, had lots of trouble with the programme, so I reverted to Messenger 7.5

  lulubelle 18:35 01 Oct 2006

Hi ianeon,
I did try installing Messenger 7.5, but found that my friends who have Live Messenger were getting a pop-p saying that they could not communicate with me because I had an old version of Messenger! Can't seem to win.

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