Windows live mail stopped working

  PIE THROWER 09:00 02 Apr 2010

Hi - I have just bought a Vaio laptop with Windows 7 installed. I set up to use Windows live mail and mail is received no worries.

However if I try to forward/send a message then a box come stating live mail has stopped working and the only option is to close it altogether.

I reinstalled it but has had no effect - any ideas (please! I want to be cheap and avoid getting Outlook.)

  birdface 09:16 02 Apr 2010

Maybe try it from here.

click here

  Sea Urchin 10:16 02 Apr 2010

I think you are confusing Windows Live Mail (a descendant of Outlook Express that is downloaded to your computer) and the web based Windows Live Hotmail or LiveMail.

  birdface 10:21 02 Apr 2010

Not sure what the difference is but that gets me into Windows Live mail.
I downloaded mine with Windows Messenger.

  Sea Urchin 10:26 02 Apr 2010

As it says at the top of the signing in box on your link - Sign in to the Windows Live WEBSITE. That is web based mail.

  PIE THROWER 10:37 02 Apr 2010

Really confused - I am refering to the pre installed livemail client bundled with Windows 7 which only receives and can't send.

I want a desktop setup (as came with Vista) - I have never wanted/needed web based sign in type getups. As I have said why can I only receive and not send ?

  birdface 10:47 02 Apr 2010

Not got a clue.I can use it to get to my Windows Live Mail.
If I put my e-mail address and password in and press Mail when it opens.
It gives me all of my mail.
So like I said I am still not sure of the difference.
Is there different versions of Windows Live mail.
I don't use a Hotmail address but an MSN Address.
It takes me straight to my e-mail account.
I take it I am just being a bit thick again.

  Sea Urchin 10:48 02 Apr 2010

Sorry to have "confused" your thread - it will probably be to do with your SMTP server setting. Go to Tools - Accounts - Properties - Servers tab and check the outgoing server setting - must be that of your ISP regardless of which account it is.

  Sea Urchin 10:54 02 Apr 2010
  birdface 11:12 02 Apr 2010

Now I can see why I was confused and still am.
Will you do me a favour and check my click here at 9.16 and tell me if it shows my e-mail address.
I used it to see if it got me into my Windows live e-mail address and every time I open it it my e-mail address shows .
I tried rebooting but still the same.
Is it just showing for me or does it show for everyone.


  Sea Urchin 11:15 02 Apr 2010

No it's blank for anybody else - it only shows on your computer because of the Windows Live cookie on your system

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