" Windows Live Mail has stopped Working " !!

  Redlegs 11:38 07 Mar 2011

Back to my " last resort " again -- PC's Helpdesk !! For some reason I am suddenly unable to access my email programme -- WLM,( am using W7 ) I get the message that is my subject heading, then a reference that it will try a " WLM Storage Recovery " , by checking the WLM " Data Base "
Nothing is achieved , so it closes the programme. I cannot even get into my existing email files , let alone see my Inbox. Did see a comment while trying the WLM help web pages , that I may be low on disc space in Local Disc " C " -- I was , so was able to sacrifice lots of " My Pictures " , to gain about 5 gig of space. Another comment I came across seemed to infer that W7 was no longer supporting Windows Mail -- assuming that means W7 is now running WLM only. Any ideas ?? Redlegs

  northumbria61 12:08 07 Mar 2011

Try this -
Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Installer - Double click "wlarp.exe"
Select "Repair" option - click "continue"
When finshed Reboot computer.

  Redlegs 22:24 07 Mar 2011

Many thanks to Northumbria61 -- followed your tip and was going so smoothly -- but didn't work. Was told a repair had been done on all Live Essentials , but back to the same messages. At 1.30 am ( Adelaide time ) I fell asleep at the wheel -- er , mouse , so am back on PCA to see if any other ideas. Redlegs

  MAT ALAN 22:38 07 Mar 2011

wlarp.exe is well known fix and should really resolve your issue..

has been known to be a spellchecker issue

the link might help...
click here

  northumbria61 23:45 07 Mar 2011

There is an option to completely uninstall/reinstall Windows Live Mail should you wish to go down this route - details here click here

  Redlegs 16:17 08 Mar 2011

Redlegs back , and getting redder !! Thanks to Mat but cannot even get a sniff of the Windows Live Mail opening page, to access the toolbar, and try the suggestion re spellchecker, and North , a little reluctant at this point , to go for an uninstall/reinstall. Ran "wlarp.exe" again and despite the joyous announcement that everything had been fixed --- wrong !! will hang out my begging bowl one more time. cheers , R

  MAT ALAN 17:22 08 Mar 2011

The only other known issue is software conflict with certain Antivirus progs but i doubt that is the case here.
worth disabling just to see what happens, (might need to reboot)
If that does not work i fear the only option is to unistall and reinstall prog...

  Redlegs 09:11 11 Mar 2011

Regarding the advice from Mat Alan , looks like I'm too late to uninstall and reinstall the WLM -- getting a lot of conflicting messages when trying to access several programmes to prepare for the "uninstall " -- and the uninstall itself will not run, Neither can I complete a full System Restore , and the Firewall application of my up till now , reliable security programme , Trend Micro , has failed . Looks like I'm really " up the creek!! " Any way I can "lose" the WLM programmes, by some other means than an uninstall, and then go about reloading the W7 programme?? Latest blow is I can't even log out from this PCA Forum !! -- at least my laptop ,linked wirelessly to my PC , is still working, not sure why and for how long !! Redlegs

  Sea Urchin 09:40 11 Mar 2011

To log out of PCA Forum click first on Home page - top of menu on left side - and then Log Out

  Redlegs 10:04 11 Mar 2011

Hi there Sea Urchin --- spot on !! -- at least one problem has been fixed !!! many thanks , Redlegs

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