Windows Live Mail download problems

  tallboy 11:17 22 Dec 2010

When I start up my PC (running 64-bit Windows 7) from 'cold' and then start Windows Live Mail 2011, any unsent email messages get loaded up first, followed by the download of messages waiting to be delievered. However, the 'Checking for new messages' window doesn't clear down and continues to appear to search for additional messages. It doesn't deliver any and it's continuing stall (from closing) prevents you from sending any further messages - until you have shut down the PC and re-started it.

This problem only appeared with the latest version of Windows Live Mail 2011. I have tried to go back to the previous version (with the latest version - and all my messages - in place), but the install program won't let you do this.

Additionally, since 'upgrading' to the latest version (via Windows Automatic Updates) more often than not, when I start up Internet Explorer 8 I get the message 'Your browser did not close down properly last time, do you wish to go to your home page' - even if I did close it down properly.

Before I ditch Windows Live 2011 and change to Thunderbird & Mozilla, does anyone have any solutions for these annoying problems?

  Sea Urchin 11:46 22 Dec 2010

Is it any better if you go to Options - General tab and untick the box beside "Send and Receive Messages at Startup"

  tallboy 22:33 22 Dec 2010

I'm missing something here Sea Urchin. I've checked all the tabs and cannot find an 'Options' button. Please advise where it is and I'll give it a try.

Thanks, tallboy

  Sea Urchin 22:57 22 Dec 2010

It's fairly well hidden on the title bar towards the right hand side on the Menus button, but if you can't find it press Alt+M which should bring it up

  tallboy 20:00 24 Dec 2010

Hi Sea urchin

Nope, I didn't find it. I tried the Alt+M approach but just got a 'hoot' from the speaker. Clearly there is something badly wrong in my copy of Windows Live Mail.

Another problem I have with Windows Live Mail (and the two may be linked) is that if I click on an attachment it doesn't open - just creates a hoot in the speaker. I can detach it OK and then open it, but not from the email itself.

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that I'll have to move all the messages to a new folder, remove Windows Live Entirely, re-install it and then copy the messages back to where they should be.

  rdave13 20:08 24 Dec 2010

Have you tried a repair? Control panel, programs and features, Windows Live Essentials 2011, uninstall/change and select repair.

  tallboy 22:43 25 Dec 2010

Hi rdave13. Yes, I've tried doing the repair route - but that didn't fix it. I think the problem lies 'beyond' Windows Live Mail as I get the same result with Thunderbird - the POP3 Server creates a 'lock' when the last message has been downloaded. This stays in place until I switch the PC off. The next time I switch on the lock has been removed and the messages download OK - but a new lock is created after the last message has been sent. (See also my comments here click here)

  tallboy 11:56 28 Dec 2010

Following a suggestion from a guy in the USA, I have (a) ensured that there were no residual messages in my Tiscali 'In Box' (which I had checked before) and (b) changed my Tiscali email login password. The problem has now gone away!

Why downloading my emails on my wife's PC (using the same OS, and the same login details) worked OK and yet on my PC it didn't, is a complete mystery!

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