Windows live mail

  Daiol 21:00 31 Mar 2012

I have been using windows live mail for some time.But over the last few months I have changed over to Thunderbird email.i find it good easy backups etc,Now what to do with the WLM can I delete it or what would be the best option.If its possible to delete it from my pc what would be the best way to achieve this task,As its part of windows essentials. Any help here please. thanks.d.

  DaleF 21:31 31 Mar 2012

I'm sure if you click un-install a program through control panel & then select Windows Live essentials, you can select which programs you want to keep or which you want to delete.

However I do know that when you install it, you can choose the services you want, so if you can't do option one, un-install & then re-install and un-tick the WLM.

  Sea Urchin 22:04 31 Mar 2012

Some guidance here

uninstall WLM

  Daiol 22:23 31 Mar 2012

Sea urchin.regarding the link you gave,I followed it but according to the image on the link it shows a choice of what to uninstall. When I select uninstall/change I don't get any options as per image it just shows windows live essentials nothing else. Am I going on the correct track? Thanks both.

  Daiol 22:33 31 Mar 2012

As per link. [IMG][/IMG]

This is what I get. [IMG][/IMG]

  Sea Urchin 23:19 31 Mar 2012

What happens when you click on Uninstall Windows Live Essentials? I would have thought you would get the individual programs to select from.

  Daiol 08:20 01 Apr 2012

No.It just wants to uninstall essentials. Many thanks.d.

  Sea Urchin 21:05 01 Apr 2012

Just came across this on another forum - I don't know if it will work but surely worth a look

*Open up Windows Live Mail, Click on the Help Tab, Type "Uninstall Windows Live Mail" in the search box. A screen will come up and click on "Uninstall Windows Live Mail" and follow the directions*

  Daiol 22:14 01 Apr 2012

Hi,Thanks for another reply.Went to follow your info but cant find WLM it seems to have vanished from my pc.Dont know what has happened but its gone I only tried with the last info you gave me regarding the essentials . Its a mystery.Will dig deeper tomorrow,I'll be back. Thanks.

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