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  Daiol 11:34 07 Feb 2011

Hi,Just converted my desktop from windows xp to windows 7 home.As you know in xp the email was oe6 now I'm using WLM in windows 7.I have managed to import emails from oe6 to the wlm but it shows as up as 'Imported Folders'.The question is if i copy the contents of each individual folder from the imported one into a new folder in wlm,Can I then delete the complete imported folders.
In OE6
Now in windows live mail if I make three new folders,01,02,03,Can I copy contents from 01 in OE6 to 01 in WLM then delete the 01 folder from the imported folders.
Hoe you understand me.

  Sea Urchin 11:39 07 Feb 2011

Yes - no problem

  Daiol 20:14 07 Feb 2011

Sea Urchin
Many thanks for that reply,Tooka gamble and it went okay.
Maybe you can assist me again regarding backing up my WLM which i transfered from OE6 so its not a hotmail etc its an email.What would be the best way of backing up my emails,I have tried using the export system but looking at the backup folder its just a lot of numbers that dont make any sense not even todays emails are there.Then tried KLS backup and the same there just a load on long string of numbers etc.
Any help please on this backingup wlm just my folders.

  Sea Urchin 23:09 07 Feb 2011

Yes, if you use the export function you will not be able to read the backed up mails - they can only be read by re-importing them into an email program.

But you can use this system. Create some new folders on the desktop (right-click desktop - sect New and Folder and type in a name. Prepare one folder for each of the WLM folders you wish to backup - eg maybe Inbox and Sent etc.

Then reduce the size of your WLM window so you can see the folders underneath. Open Inbox and highlight all the mails you wish to backup - then with your mouse left-click and drag the whole lot and drop them on to the desktop folder. This will copy them into the other folder. Repeat for any other folders you wish to backup.

You will now find that in the desktop folders you can read the individual mails quite easily.

  Daiol 08:22 08 Feb 2011

Thanks once again,It looked okay that way.

  Sea Urchin 11:12 08 Feb 2011

Glad that's sorted

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