Windows Live Mail - 2 accounts needed

  Covergirl 12:40 15 Jul 2011

I've had a quick google of the internet but not found much

A friend has got a new lappy with W7 and a new account with Plus.Net. I've downloaded and installed Windows Live Mail and got it working and receiving emails.

I would like to separate his & her emails if possible.

At the moment I appear to have three accounts - one I set up for Him, one I set up for Her and a default account.

When I click Send & Receive, the (test) emails are received and each mailbox (Him and Her) have exactly the same emails i.e. all emails in each.

I have set up two rules - when the To contains Him store in Hims (new folder) In Box and another one for her. I've run the rules and nothing has changed.

Anyone any ideas please?

  mgmcc 13:34 15 Jul 2011

It sounds as though there is only actually one account, i.e. one POP3 server address, one Username and one Password, although there may be several "alias" email addresses used with the account.

Some ISPs support the retrieval of separate mail for "alias" accounts by using the email address as the login. For example:

Main login: username

Account1: [email protected]

Account2: [email protected]

  Covergirl 14:53 15 Jul 2011


That's about as accurate as you can get. I guess I'm stuffed then. No worries, I've prepped them for such an eventuality :)


  Woolwell 18:32 15 Jul 2011

Probably the best way out is to use the Plusnet account for Plus net and set up 2 separate gmail accounts. These will be independent of ISP and can move if they change supplier.

  Covergirl 18:42 01 Aug 2011

All sorted thanks. Spoke to the nice Plus.Net man from Yorkshire who removed the Postmaster account and set up a sub-account for her.


  TonyV 19:57 01 Aug 2011


I had a similar problem about two years ago with Plusnet. Like you that very nice man from Yorkshire soon got it sorted and there has been no trouble ever since. Their Postmaster account seems to be some sort of default creation.


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