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  SeanUK 16:44 06 Sep 2008

Heyas all,

I'm trying to contact the Windows Live ID support team. Oddly enough,it's almost impossible to find their contact details.

I have two active Xbox Live subscriptions going out on two different credit cards. Now, I need access to the Windows Live ID's/Accounts that these cards are tied to, in order to recover my Xbox Live gamertags.

However, when setting up my Xbox live accounts I used secondary LIVE ID's/Passports that I have forgotten the details for. It's entirely possible that I created the accounts using throw-away hotmail accounts. Which means, I have no chance of guessing the secret questions and stuff.

I have a couple of questions for you guys:

Considering that I have the actual credit card details in question, what can I do to get back my accounts? What other information will I have to provide to recover my accounts?


How the hell do you contact Windows Live Customer Care directly? Having already sent an E-Mail to I was instructed to contact Windows Live ID support.

And I quote: may contact Windows Live ID support:
1.Visit click here, and then click Account Services.
2.Click Customer Support to view the Customer Support page.
3.Click Contact us to view the Support Home page.
4.Complete the e-mail support form on the Support Home page...

I've searched all over, and cannot find "Customer Support" to click, ANYWHERE on the login live pages.

For anybody wondering, the information I do have about my Xbox Live accounts is fairly limited:

I know the credit card numbers,etc
I know the Xbox Live gamer tags (I think)
I know the address,name,etc they are registered to.

I do not know the Windows Live passport information.
I do not know what my secret questions were, or what the answers are likely to be.

Thanks for any help and advice you can offer :)

  MAT ALAN 17:03 06 Sep 2008

Its the bottom one of "related links"

get answers from customer support (big blue letters)

  SeanUK 17:18 06 Sep 2008

Yeah, I clicked on that.. it leads me to back to a big FAQ database. That's automated, and craptastic. Doesn't actually give me a contact form :(

  MAT ALAN 17:43 06 Sep 2008

seems thats the only way to go...

  SeanUK 17:47 06 Sep 2008

Indeed, I've been hitting up all the different help links I could find.. and most lead back to that FAQ database, or to other equally annoying dead ends.

Surely, Windows Live IDs have some sort of ACTUAL customer service?

It's possible they reserve this support for paying Live/Hotmail users.

If that's the case I have no idea what to do.

I've sent off another E-Mail to, but I'm not expecting anything more than the usual Copy/Paste crap they send back. Sigh.

Anybody have previous experience with LiveID support?

  MAT ALAN 18:10 06 Sep 2008

Having searched through different links i can fully understand your frustration..
From posts on other forums it seems LIVE ID gets a bit of a slating in the customer support region for being a bit less than useless...

  MAT ALAN 18:12 06 Sep 2008

click here

there's a couple of links here which may help...

  SeanUK 18:13 06 Sep 2008

Thanks for looking, I hold out a tiny amount of hope that Xbox Customer Support might get back to me with what I need, or at least put me in contact with ID support.

It is only a tiny amount, though. :P

  SeanUK 18:25 06 Sep 2008

Just checked the links there, can't see anything that'd help out. Anything in specific you was referring to?

Interesting read though, looks like I'm in for a 'bout of cyber ping-pong. Presuming of course, I can even find a contact address to start things off...

Thanks again for taking the time to look around :)

  Ditch999 18:26 06 Sep 2008

Cancel your payments - it wont be long before THEY get in touch with YOU!

  MAT ALAN 18:30 06 Sep 2008

Nice idea Ditch999, BUT it will much depend on any contractual obligation, don't really wanna be mucking about with them...

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