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  March Wind 12:06 01 Oct 2011

I have found out when receiving and sending mail it goes into two hotmail and Windows Live. I would like to know for sure how do I view both and how would I know which one I was in? also I would like to delete a name that is at the side of the mail box. I have done it once how? I click left and right button on the name but there isn't a delete button. I know how to delete from my contacts but I want to delete from my list of names that cum in line with my In. Out Delete column

  lotvic 12:47 01 Oct 2011

Are you on the Hotmail Inbox page? Is it a folder? if so then hover your cursor on 'Folders' and left click on the spikey circle (cogwheel) next to 'Folders' and then leftclick on 'manage folders' on the menu that pops up and the list of your folders will appear on the righthand side. There will be a little square box next to the folders that you can alter. Select (Put a green tick in the box) the folder that you want to do something with and then you can delete a folder by clicking on 'Delete' that is on the menu just above the list of folders (New, Rename, Delete)

If it is anything else then you will have to have a look at your 'Options' (top right corner of page under your name)and click on 'Options' and then click on 'More Options' as there are so many ways to configure privacy and what is displayed it is impossible to guess what you mean without more specific details.

  March Wind 23:03 02 Oct 2011

Lotvic. You did a grand job working out what I wanted as far as deleting one of my folders. Thank you very much I have now deleted one.

How do I know if I am in hot mail or Windows Live? How can I delete from both Hot mail and Windows Live, In and Out going mail?

  lotvic 23:40 02 Oct 2011

As far as I know they are the same thing 'Windows Live Hotmail'

There are different webpage ways to sign in but they still take you to 'Windows Live Hotmail' if you are using your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox etc)

or have you also downloaded 'Window Live Mail' onto your pc? and are collecting in that as well?

  March Wind 23:14 05 Oct 2011

I don't know. I do have Enternet Explorer

  lotvic 00:39 06 Oct 2011

If you look at the top left it will say what program it is.

It sounds as if someone else has set the computer up for you and hasn't given you all the info about your email that you need.

Read my thread that might be what you are experiencing. (I use Outlook Express but if you are on W7 you prob have Windows Mail)

  lotvic 00:54 06 Oct 2011

When you have had a look to see what email program(s) you have been using it will be easier for people to help with advice. (It's a bit hard trying to guess)

  March Wind 22:50 18 Oct 2011

Upon opening folder 'POP', I get:

"What's in this folder? These are the messages that you downloaded to another program using POP. If you'd like downloaded messages to be permanently deleted, you can change your settings "

I find I have hundreds of emails there that I thought had been deleted.

I am not sure what you are talking about. I don't want to download message to be permanently deleted Hundreds of email that you thought had been deleted. Then maybe I have too. How can I find out, How do I open up POP, What do I have to click on next to see if I have old emails?

When I posted this thread I was on my Laptop using Windows 7. This is when I noticed my mail was going into two different places and where I found emails that I thought I had deleted a year ago. I am now using my D/top which is XP. It is different again. I go into my hotmail email but this time it looks different I cannot see where it goes into two different (folders?). I would have thought XP or Windows7 when using my hotmail account things should all be the same. Sorry if I am not making myself clear as I am confused with it all. In the top right corner it says

Windows Live, Hotmail, Windows Messenger Skydive. I am not sure what I am in. Maybe I am collecting in Windows Live Mail on my Laptop, as I haven't got it with me at the moment I cannot tell you if it say Windows Live Mail

  lotvic 13:46 19 Oct 2011

Please post again when you have sorted out which programs you are using. Only you know how you've set up your email accounts in each program.

You will get duplicates if your mail is on the server and then you collect it on Desktop in two programs. You will then get it duplicated again when you collect it on your laptop. The server will deliver the emails it has to whatever programs you ask to collect. At the moment it is seems you are using a mix of webmail and email clients on your pc and another on your laptop.

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