windows live having a fit!

  chrissy1 16:35 12 Apr 2007

norton found a trojan and blocked it but AVG couldnt quarantine.Uninstalled AVG and installed again but didnt work got rid again...When i sign into windows live it goes mad...screen maximises,instant messenger pops up and email section
when i havent selected them....then up pops firefox with windows live sign in and set up and sign in for msn..driving me potty....should i uinstall all msn and live messenger and start again?......I have norton av,with adaware and!

  wee eddie 16:44 12 Apr 2007

A recipe for problems. Keep one or the other, I'd stick with AVG

  birdface 08:54 13 Apr 2007

To get rid of Trojans you need Anti-Spyware,Try Avg-Anti Spyware, Or A Squared,

  donki 09:55 13 Apr 2007

Boot into windows in safe mode and do a Antivirus and Antispyware scan, which ever programs you use. Then do a system clean up using CCcleaner or the like and restart Windows normally, should sort you out!

  chrissy1 12:30 13 Apr 2007

Had Avg but didnt sort it...anyway i reinstalled and seems ok norton,spywareblaster and adaware
enough or do u think i should reinstall Avg again too?...also do i really need to have the live windows toolbar?.....and what brings up those litte banner ads at the bottom of the sign in?...thanks donki..will be doing a defrag and clean up later anyway.

  Diemmess 13:16 13 Apr 2007

Never have two anti-viral progs installed at the same time. (There's bound to be conflict.)

Many members of this forum prefer AVG before Norton.

If all is running happily now, stay that way until Norton asks for money to renew.
That is the time to consider whether you want to pay or use free programs instead.

  p;3 15:58 13 Apr 2007

you are still running TWO antivirus programs ?; a recipe FOR chaos::))

until you remove ONE of them ( I would remove norton)you will be virtually running 'unprotected'and open to infection

  p;3 16:01 13 Apr 2007

a point; ARE you aware that both Norton AND AVG are antivirus programs? and that to have more than ONE installed av program is really a NO NO????

  chrissy1 13:26 14 Apr 2007

thanks everyone...i get norton free with the broadband package im on...all seems ok at the moment
so will see see how it goes.

  p;3 13:32 14 Apr 2007

of interest, when does the Norton subs run out?

when it does you may well wish to remove the program and take on something far more user friendly

  wee eddie 13:52 14 Apr 2007

"Norton found a Trojan and blocked it"

A. If Norton had blocked it then it would not be on your PC.

"When i sign into windows live it goes mad...screen maximises,instant messenger pops up and email section"

A. This is frequently the effect of having 2 conflicting Anti Viruses on a PC.

When your free Norton Subscription runs out, it would be a good idea to consider using one of the free Anti Viruses. Norton is renowned for slowing down your PC, you will be surprised at the difference when using just the free version of AVG or whichever you chose.

However you will have to use Norton's "Free" Uninstaller before you start using the free AV.

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