Windows - Linux.. Now cant go back!

  FITLAD123 02:11 06 Jan 2005

any help on this and i will be very grateful, as this is killing me!

I was running WinXP Pro on my 80GB IBM Deskstar hard disk. I wanted to try out linux, so i created a new partition which went well,then installed SuSE 9.1 on my fresh partition. I hopped in to Linux for a day or 2, then attempted to boot back in to Windows. All i got was a black screen, and nothing. So i deleted both my partitions and formatted the whole hard disk. I attempted to reinstall windows xp pro.

The installation finishes copying the required files to my hard disk, then reboots.
Then i recieve the error, 'Error loading operating system'.

I have tried many times now to install windows again, with the same problem. Something like this is covered in the microsoft knowledge base, and talks about my bios. But before installing Linux, i never had a problem formatting/reinstalling windows!

Can anyone shed some light on my problem?

Thank You,

  fieldyweb 02:38 06 Jan 2005

I'm just wondering out loud here.. When linux loads it creats a boot partition, very small, to load Lilo or Grub, the linux boot loaders, i'm wondering if you deleted this partition? Maybe its still there, and windows can't boot because the Boot loader is still trying to bring your machine up?

Check it out, but booting of a floppy with Fdisk, and see if there are any strange partitions

Alternativly, repartition the Harddisk again, but this time, use the recovery tools from the Suse Boot disk...

As sometimes FDISK windows doesn't recognise the linux partitons..

  FITLAD123 02:42 06 Jan 2005

Its strange though, because i would have thought that if i deleted all the partitions on my disk, and formatted completely in to a single partiton, wouldn't that allow windows to install? Its just very strange to me, and im not greatly familiar with Linux.

But yes, When i install linux it does create a seperate, small partition.


  FITLAD123 02:44 06 Jan 2005

By the way, im currently running on SuSE.. but very VERY novicely!


  AndySD 02:47 06 Jan 2005

Try booting with the windows cd and choose repair to go into the Recovery Console.

At the prompt type


Hit enter.

Also I know this is very basic but try cleaning the CD

  octal 07:03 06 Jan 2005

The trouble is the normal Windows tools doesn't recognise any other format apart from its own family and even then there's problems between FAT32 and NTFS and certainly not Linux. Here's a few tools that may help:

delpart click here scroll down the page its towards the bottom and this is what it looks like click here mentioned in that last link is this tool click here I've never used this particular tool, but it looks like it might help.

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