Windows Licensing

  Adam87 10:40 06 Aug 2004

Can someone please help me as im confused about windows lisencing.

I saw in a magazine that a lady's computer had blew up and was no longer working, all of the components were damaged. After buying a new PC she was told that she had to buy windows again, even though she had already got the CD + license from her old PC.

I thought that by buying a copy of windows it allowed you to have it installed anywhere so long as it was removed on one machine before being installed on another.

  vinnyT 12:37 06 Aug 2004

Depends if the copy is oem or off the shelf, in theory, if the os is oem then it is for that pc only. But, if you went to say PCWorld and brought winxp off the shelf, then providing it is only installed on one machine at a time, then I believe, it is transferable.

I'm sure someone more knowledable than I will be able to answer for sure.

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