Windows Licence Query

  Legslip 13:09 01 Dec 2009

I have just purchased a full version of Win 7. My PC currently has XP Pro on board. If I reformat my HD and install Win 7, will I be able to use my XP Pro disk and Prod Key on another PC?

  woodchip 13:17 01 Dec 2009


  woodchip 13:19 01 Dec 2009

If you mean sell it you can sell it as long as its not on another computer. If the Pro CD is a oem that you got with Computer then NO

  GaT7 13:30 01 Dec 2009

For sale or not, as woodchip says:

If XP Pro is an OEM version, then NO. As the license 'dies' with the original PC it was installed on.

If XP Pro is a retail version, then YES. It can be installed & activated on any one PC/laptop at any given time. G

  Legslip 13:31 01 Dec 2009

Thanks Woodchip. It's not OEM so if I remove it from my PC, can I then give it to a pal who is getting a Windows message that tells him his XP Pro is illegal? This would be the only PC it is installed on.

  woodchip 13:38 01 Dec 2009


  GaT7 13:41 01 Dec 2009

Yes, you can. He may need to reinstall afresh though using your XP product key, but there are ways around this that might work - e.g. click here (similar MSKB alternative click here) & click here. G

  woodchip 13:42 01 Dec 2009

He would be better of running a repair Using the X Pro CD and put the new key in after, that mean booting with the CD in choose setup let windows search for OS the click the OS and press R to Repair

  Legslip 13:42 01 Dec 2009

Thanks good people. I will see if I can get him 'out of jail'!

  GaT7 13:47 01 Dec 2009

That XP key modifier software will be the easiest method - that's if it works like it should. G

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