Windows Jitters

  matelot1 13:22 22 Apr 2006

Following the advice below I have closed my original post and added it here.


I have Win XP SP2 and Office 2003 to sp2 loaded. Despite closing all other programs I experience jitters with the computer: When I am watching or playing music on the machine, or even typing this, every few seconds the machine freezes for a split second and carries on. How do I stop this as it is very annoying.

  rsinbad 15:20 22 Apr 2006


  remind 15:22 22 Apr 2006

any recent software installations? what anti-virus and anti-spyware measures do you have? do you have lots of tasks running in your system tray?

  wee eddie 16:11 22 Apr 2006

How much memory is installed and what proportion of it is put aside for the Graphics.

It sounds as if there is insufficient memory, in the meantime it may be sensible to turn off Fast Search. I cannot find my note as to how to do this. Sorry!

  matelot1 17:56 24 Apr 2006

Thanks for the responses. I have AVG anti-virus software installed. NVIDIA graphics card on an AMD SEMPRON 2600+ motherboard with 512MB of memory. I agree it sounds like a memory issue but need advice how to sort the problen out. Running programs comprise AVG, MS activesync 4.1 and the WLAN utility for the WLAN my machine uses. I use the machine with two other user accounts which have limited access only. My account is the only computer administrator. I have no idea how to check what proportion is put aside for graphics.

  remind 18:05 24 Apr 2006

512mb should be enough to run XP smoothly even with a few apps loaded - even if memory were getting low, it shouldn't actually stop momentarily all the time just work more slowly overall. Your graphics memory is usually only shared with main memory if you have on-board graphics, though the NVidia Turbocache cards do use some main memory to keep the cost of the card down.
Indexing/Fast Search may have an effect, My Computer, right click a drive, untick "Allow Indexing service", or switch it off globally (click here).
Disable some of the tasks that start with Windows and see if there is any improvement; with a bit of trial and error you might find the culprit. click here

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