Windows Java Updates Prior to the Latest....

  Binstock 09:16 12 Jan 2007

12th January 2007

'Morning to all of you clever folks out there.... (never let me down yet) -

This morning, I was notified that Update 10 for Windows Java 2 was available for download from Sun Microsystems, - so I downloaded it & installed it.

Now, - these updates are around 120MB each, & on checking my Control Panel>>Add or Remove Programs, - I can see that 7 of the previous updates are still using 800MB+ of my 'Windows' Partition of my Hard Disk Drive.

What I need to know, please, is "Are the Updates Cumulative, Like Service Packs for Windows?" - If you have SP2 installed on your Windows XP, - it *includes* SP1; - does the same thing apply with these Java Updates? - That is, can I delete (through the Control Panel) ALL of the Java Updates prior to today's (No.10)- & thus regain over 800MB of HDD Space?

I'd be grateful to anyone who can help..... I'm tempted to delete the *Old* Updates Anyway; - I just need confirmation that it would be OK to do so..... (if indeed it is).

Thanks Guys...


  anskyber 09:25 12 Jan 2007

I have deleted the earlier versions. It is best to delete all and re install the latest version again if you want to be perfect but it is not essential.

  Binstock 12:16 12 Jan 2007

Thanks ansyber.... :)
I just-needed a little reassurance.


  Binstock 12:21 12 Jan 2007

Sorry, - that's *anskyber*


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