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  User-394903 20:03 12 Sep 2008

Evening all,
Recently, I Googled photoship (as printed) and accessed a site of (old)ships of the M.N. I printed off some at that time without any problem. Today I accessed the same site only to find that I now get a popup titled Windows Internet Explorer with the message Sorry-the administrator prefers not to allow coppying of this image.

Is there any way that I can print off pictures like I did when I first accessed the site?

All suggestions welcomed.

  wis 20:08 12 Sep 2008

may be some copy right

  mfletch 20:15 12 Sep 2008

You could use a screen capture program,

This one is free and good

Bug shooting click here

  rdave13 20:20 12 Sep 2008

Works ok in Opera. Downloaded to desktop and opens in Windows picture and fax viewer.

  User-394903 12:20 23 Sep 2008

Sorry not to have got back sooner. Been away.

wis. Thanks for you input,but I don't think it's a copyright issue.

mfletch. I tried to download Bug Shooting, but to complete it I needed to d/l Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 Because of a system error I couldn't do that. I'll explain in a different post. Thank you for your input anyway.

rdave 13.Opera did the trick. As you pointed out photoship works with Opera. I never had a problem of printing off different ships I had worked on as a Merchant Seaman, before I installed SP3 that is.

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