Windows Installer/Norton Internet Security Problem

  Chris Webster 23:53 24 Dec 2006


Been today to do a bit of a clean up on my sister in laws laptop (xp home sp2, fully updated) today and there's a slight problem with it.

On starting up the Windows Installer window appears and it says that it's trying to reinstall Norton Anti Virus. Then another window appears saying 'Norton Anti Virus 2005 does not support the repair feature,please uninstall and reinstall'.

When I cancel the window everything works as it should, including Norton Internet Security 2005 and the live update feature too.

The only thing i've done apart from running crap cleaner and doing a defrag is i've uninstalled NTL's broadband medic because of the I.E 7 compatability problems.

Does anyone know how I can stop N.A.V from trying to reinstall itself please.

Happy Christmas Everyone.

Cheers, Chris.

  Jake_027 00:46 25 Dec 2006

on her laptop, when she opened word. In the end it turned out to be too much hassle and she changed antivirus.


AVG click here for antivirus

Zonealarm Free click here for firewall

A lot of people on here use them and they are always recommended by several PC magazines.

It's a pain Norton sometimes, isn't it?:)


  Python33 01:24 25 Dec 2006

i had a lot of problems with Norton an it failed to stop a Trojan Downloader, when i reinstalled my system i have now Zone Alarm (Firewall) & Advast anti virus, and nothing has got through ( touch wood)

  Chris Webster 12:17 26 Dec 2006

Thanks for the info but changing anti virus isn't an option at the moment as her paid for subscription doesn't run out until July 2007.

Cheers, Chris.

  Totally-braindead 12:31 26 Dec 2006

To reinstall Norton you really need to make sure you get rid of all the bits the program leaves behind.
Download this click here run it and then you should be able to reinstall your Norton from scratch.

  [email protected] 12:38 26 Dec 2006

from what i've heard all norton problems seem to be '05/'06 versions i've used the '06 program and i would have to agree, if its paid up why arnt you on the latest version? i've had it 6 months and cant find a better av package and its a free upgrade click here

  Totally-braindead 12:46 26 Dec 2006

One thing I perhaps should mention. You may find Norton will not support your 05 program when the time comes up for renewal. They do not warn you of this you only find out when you have a problem and ask for support. I only know this because it happened to me a few years ago, I was paying my subscription but they refused to help telling me the subscription only entitled me to download the updates and did not entitle me to any support. I was very angry with them because of this and now use a free AV.
If as adman 2 says you can get a free upgrade then fine. Otherwise when time comes up for renewal next year either buy the new Norton if you like it or switch to a free AV.

  Chris Webster 22:06 26 Dec 2006

It came preinstalled on her laptop originally as a trial version.

Cheers, Chris.

  Chris Webster 22:10 26 Dec 2006

Thank you for the info and the link, I didn't even know there was a free upgrade available.

Do I download and install both the available packages on the link you posted?

Thanks, Chris.

  [email protected] 23:37 26 Dec 2006

just got back from work, i had the '06 version, just down loaded the link and system didthe rest, not sure how it works with '05 version, but im sure they will let you know took about 15 mins to change over but you get 4 times the program using much less resources and processes also i have it set to default, and the program does every thing, i just check the logs every now and then and i dont know its there, but i have 6 nasties in the vault, much better program all round and your system runs much faster, good luck. adam

  [email protected] 23:38 26 Dec 2006

and yes, the addon pack is a must

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