Windows Installer tries to complete an installation of a successfully installed program

  Garawa 15:22 11 Jun 2013


Where and how can I find installation files belonging to a program already installed on my PC? I bought a job lot of CD labels and in order to print on them it requires "exPressit" to be downloaded. It is an abysmal program but it has successfully installed on a few occasions however, on start-up, the PC tries to "complete" the already completed installation and fails when it unsurprisingly cannot find the files it needs. This takes quite a number of clicks of the cancel button and will stop other software from completing its installation. This has been the case for each version of the software but the company appears to have changed hands and I cant find any help from them. As soon as all the paper is gone I shall uninstall it but until then, does anyone have any ideas as to where I can find the offending files and get rid of them?

  HondaMan 15:42 11 Jun 2013

There are many CD printing programmes available, many come with printers. What printer are you using?

  Garawa 15:45 11 Jun 2013

I have a Kodak all in one. It doesn't print directly to the pc, it prints on the paper templates for the discs, sleeves and spines and of course that requires the specific software to match the templates. I still have about 40 sheets (80 discs) left so am reluctant to buy more paper when it should be fairly simple to delete a file or two (said with fingers firmly crossed)!!!!

  HondaMan 16:56 11 Jun 2013

Proba\bly your best bet is to look at the Kodak site for your specific printer and try to download the software again. It should be available, somewhere on the site.

  Garawa 19:06 11 Jun 2013

This isn't anything to do with the printer! I bought some paper with CD templates on, which you print on and then stick on the discs but for the printer to print in the right places, you need the software that comes with the paper! It's that and there is no help available anymore for the software.

So as the software is fully useable and has installed correctly on a number of tries, there must simply be some remnant file left over that fools Windows Installer into thinking it still must complete the install. Its THAT I want to remove to leave the software as it currently is and not waste 10 minutes of bootup time trying to cancel something that completed months ago!!!!!

  Garawa 12:58 21 Jun 2013


  lotvic 15:05 21 Jun 2013

I opened Windows Media Player and under File | Print Label and in the Templates list there is listed PressIT CD Label [A4]

I haven't installed it, the template must come as standard with Windows Media Player

Have a look at yours and see what you've already got. There is a picture at side of each template that shows you the page layout.

Tip: print one out on plain paper and hold it up against one of your CD labels sheet and see if print matches up with boxes.

  lotvic 15:23 21 Jun 2013

As for the Windows Installer you prob need the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility which has a new name now and Fix problems with programs that can't be installed or uninstalled Install and Uninstall

or you could disable Windows Installer from popping up

  chub_tor 15:27 21 Jun 2013

Software for PressIt labels can be found in several download locations this is one example but as Lotvic says the label printing software provided by most printer manufactures includes a template for using PressIt labels. Canon Label print gives a selection that not only includes Pressit but also Neato and generic A4.

  Garawa 15:29 21 Jun 2013

Thanks for that, had no idea WMP player had that so will have a look.

If I disable Windows Installer, how would that affect any future installations that need the PC to be restarted in order to complete or do they just complete it in the background without user intervention?

  lotvic 16:53 21 Jun 2013

Think about that last sentence.. "future installations that need the PC to be restarted in order to complete" (or maybe it's just me)

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