Windows Installer has clogged my hard drive

  Seadog30 16:38 15 Feb 2009

Firstly, can I apologise if someone has posted this subject before. I've looked through but can't find a similar question. Ok, My hard drive has a 114Gb capacity but I noticed that there's only about 12Gb free. I don't have a vast number of programmes installed nor do I have large numbers of music, photo or video files stored. I found a freebie Disc Analyzer programme and after downloading and running it it showed me that Windows Installer was occupying about 64Gb of space! I cannot see why this is so but although the Analyzer shows me the content of the Installer files I am really unsure how to resolve it. My PC is using XP SP2 and I have a 1GB memory. Can anyone help at all please?

  User-1229748 16:51 15 Feb 2009

i would firstly download and run ccleaner and see how much space is recapturedclick here

  Seadog30 22:44 15 Feb 2009

Hi and thanks for responding. I should have said that I downloaded and ran ccleaner before the Analyzer but only managed to clear less than 1Gb at most.

  brundle 22:49 15 Feb 2009

Did your disk analyser reveal the folder & filenames? If you use ITunes or Quicktime they store every update or major revision in the installation folder. Even then, 64gb takes some filling...

  peter99co 23:19 15 Feb 2009

NB. Will go to new page

click here

  brundle 23:21 15 Feb 2009

That tool removes faulty installs, it doesn't touch the installer folder as far as I'm aware.

  brundle 23:21 15 Feb 2009

Nope, I'm talking rubbish....

  peter99co 23:24 15 Feb 2009

I entered 'Windows Installer' in the search box in your header and clicked GO

It came up with a few similar problems.

  peter99co 23:37 15 Feb 2009

Nope, I'm talking rubbish....

Please explain?

  brundle 23:44 15 Feb 2009

When I said the tool in the other post doesn't remove the files from the installer folder I was wrong - just re-read the documentation.

Though having said that, it actually removes the program too so it (the program you want clean up) would have to be re-installed, putting its installer files back....

  Seadog30 09:53 16 Feb 2009

Thanks for your comments guys. I do have iTunes and Quicktime installed but I've never actually downloaded any iTunes or knowingly use Quicktime itself and as you say 64Gb is one hell of a lot! Anyway, if they mean something to you a folder could be titled eg : $NtUninstallKB887472$ (loads of these but with a different set of numbers after the KB, or (24ED4D80-8294-11D5-96CD-0040266301AD), again lots of these but with different sets of numbers. Files? well an example again 267d8.msp. I'm afraid my teckie knowledge isn't in the league of knowing what it all means!

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