Windows Installation

  eivets 14:08 06 Feb 2004

Can anyone tell me what files are altered during installation of windows?


  Jester2K 14:13 06 Feb 2004

If you are installing it on a blank drive then all of them.

Otherwise explain EXACTLY what you want to do.

  eivets 14:33 06 Feb 2004

Copies of the system files that are altered during installation?

What version of Windows is on the PC now, and which version would you wish to instal?

  eivets 14:39 06 Feb 2004

98 is on just now and i want to go to 2k. Was just wondering out of curiousity what files are altered.

  Jester2K 14:41 06 Feb 2004

98 to 2K?

Probably most / all of them as 98 and 2K are redically different OS's.

Why do you need to know?

  temp003 05:54 07 Feb 2004

Echo Jester2k's question.

Is there a practical concern, or is it just academic interest?

You should back up your data/settings to CDs before any mode of installation. Download the Blaster patch for w2k from Microsoft, apply it immediately after installation, before going on the web. Otherwise you'll easily find yourself catching the Blaster, Welchia or related virus before you have the chance to download Windows updates or install your AV. [Sorry, this is gratuitous advice. Can't help it.]

On a practical level, what files are altered/overwritten depends on how you're going to install w2k:

format and clean install - everything on the hard disk is wiped out.

upgrade (plus choosing default option of backing up 98) - programs and data are left intact; 98 system files are backed up with an option in Add/Remove Programs to uninstall w2k and revert to 98.

dual boot (installing w2k on separate partition) - nothing on the C partition is affected (except things like boot sector and boot files).

As a matter of comparison between files in 98 and w2k:

Boot sector is different (using NT bootsector), boot files are different (using ntldr, and boot.ini and not MSDOS.sys, IO.sys, autoexec.bat under 98).

Virtual memory file in 98 is called win396.swp, in w2k it's called pagefile.sys. w2k handles paging much better than 98, one of the reasons it's more stable.

On a clean install of w2k, on your C drive, you will see the folders: Documents and Settings, Program Files, WINNT. In 98, you will see My Documents, Program Files, WINDOWS.

WINNT is the Windows directory in w2k (WINDOWS in 98). Within the Windows directory, most system files in 98 reside in the System folder, in w2k they're in System32 (though w2k still has the System folder).

Program Files is unchanged.

You access w2k by creating and logging on as user accounts with passwords, each user having his own profile in the folder Documents and Settings\[username], within which most of his user details are kept, such as My Documents and other program settings. Although you can also have profiles in 98, the main difference in w2k is there are different user groups with different privileges and access and control over files and settings on the computer. The administrators group can do everything on the computer. Other groups are Power Users, Users, and Guests.

During installation, an administrator account called Administrator is created. Remember your password. Before you load w2k for the first time, MS will suggest you create another user account (also administrator) with your own name. I suggest you take that option. You can use the same password as the one for Administrator.

If your partition is NTFS, you can configure permissions for access and control over individual files for different users. Probably not necessary for the home user, but you can keep that in mind.

Well over time to end this post. On the whole, most important difference is w2k is far more stable.

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