Windows Heapspace? what is it how do I get more

  jack 09:00 28 Feb 2003

Windows Heapspace

I get the message 'WindowsHeapspace is 81% used
Programs may react strangely.

There appears to be no reference to 'Heapspace'
in Win help or any Windows book.
or what to do about it.
Get a shovel and a wheelbarrow perhaps
Is this a strange sort of 'joke virus?
Or does Windows have space for heaps, if so heaps of what?
No dont even think of answering with that thought.

  leo49 09:08 28 Feb 2003

Type it into Google as "Windows heap space" and hits you'll get a plenty - all to do with memory apparently.


  Pesala 14:41 01 Mar 2003

16-bit GDI Heap Free - the GDI Heap is memory used to store the graphical elements in Windows, e.g. icons, pens and bitmaps. If you run programs that use a lot of bitmaps, icons, etc., you could run out of GDI Heap. In Windows 3.1 this was only 64KB no matter how much memory you had. You should keep it above 20%, otherwise crashes can occur.

16-bit User Heap Free - the User Heap is memory used to hold information on active windows and other related information. In Windows 3.0 the Menu and String Heaps are included in the User heap. In Windows 3.1 this heap was only 64KB. Running many large applications may result in a crash if the free percentage becomes lower than 20%.

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