Windows has detected a HDD problem

  Jak_1 20:16 11 Oct 2009

I am getting this message that windows has detected a hard disk problem on drive Volume D;/C:/

D is the recovery partition on the C drive.

E Machines, running Windows Vista Home Basic, HDD 80GB, 2 GB RAM. Intel Celeron 1.6 GHz

Have run chkdsk for both C and D and it reports no problems. There are no strange noises, it's running quiet as a mouse so to speak. Virus scan is clear. I'm flummoxed to what it may be. I have everything backed up. Any suggestions would be gratefuly received.

  Terry Brown 20:54 11 Oct 2009

It could be that the disk is failing,The hard drive does a series of tests for physical wear and tear on startup and this gives advance warning of a breakdown.

I suggest buy a new disk as soon as possible.

If you want to check your disk, I have found a program (But I have not used it myself) that may help.
click here

Like any program - You use it at your own risk.

  Jak_1 21:13 11 Oct 2009

Thanks for the info Terry, I will look at that. The pc is just over a year old, methinks now would be a good time to use one of those drive image progams.

  DieSse 22:18 11 Oct 2009

Can you please post the exact message and the form in which you get it - when/where etc.

The are advertising pop-up scams with messages along these lines.

  Jak_1 22:47 11 Oct 2009

I'll get a screenshot when it next appears and post it here.

  Jak_1 23:45 11 Oct 2009

This link works, it's a screenshot of the message.

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  Jak_1 19:51 12 Oct 2009

Bumping this in the hope that someone can shed some light on the problem.
Hdd running quietly, no clicks or strange noises on bootup, chkdsk reports all is well, AV clear and antimalware run. Still getting the infernal message but with no real indication of what the problem really is.

  woodchip 20:20 12 Oct 2009

That looks like a scam do not press backup. if I was you I would first do some Checks on your drive for Malaware, Spyware

  justme 21:11 12 Oct 2009

You could try downloading software from the western digital site ( click here )

Enter your hard disk model number ( WD800JD ) in the search by model number and you will be given a list of programs which you can download including Acronis True Image WD version which will allow you to make a copy of your hard disk.

It may also be worth downloading the diagnostic program for windows which will tell you more information about what is wrong with your hard disk.

  bigdavey 21:25 12 Oct 2009

i think you should disregard that message, your pc is fine. check for spyware etc...don't worry about it! if there was a real problem you wouldn'r be getting such a message!!

  justme 21:34 12 Oct 2009

The trouble with following your advice is that by the time Jak_1 knows he has a real problem he will not be able to recover any data from the disk.

On the other hand, if Jak_1 downloads the programs from the WD site not only can he make an image of his hard disk which can be reinstalled on a new one but he will be able to test his hard disk now to see just what problems are being reported.

I have not used the WD programs but assume that they are similar to other manufacturers in that not only can the disk be tested but, if he so desires, he can switch off the warning message which he will get every time the computer boots up.

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