windows has crashed on me

  shymanpaul 21:11 25 Mar 2007

Hope someone can help me here...I started up my pc and found that it wouldnt work cos of something to do with my windows xp....i have followed the instructions on the screen and the only problem i have is that my machine is a custom built one and i dont have a product key sticker on it....I have the windows key to put in....
I have been in touch with microsoft about this and they just turned round and said bascially im up *[email protected]: creek cos of having no sticker and product key...
Hve been told by someone that i can use a product key code from another machine to help reactivate my windows and to get a new code from this true, cos im not too sure on this one...
Is there anyone out there who can help me?????

  handy4x 21:23 25 Mar 2007

product key from other pc will not work if you have a key and it will not work then the person who built it gave you the wrong key
ps it is sometimes stuck to the windows insalation envilope if its an oem copy
but it could be you have been sold a pirate copy of windows

  a.nonymous 21:23 25 Mar 2007

just buy a new key from microsoft

  Strawballs 21:24 25 Mar 2007

No this is not true.

  skidzy 21:33 25 Mar 2007

You cannot use another key from another computer.But you can use another xp disc if your widows is legit.

Have you tried booting from the xp cd if you have it.Then try a repair.

Does the system boot into safemode Tapping F8 on startup.

You may need to change the boot order in the bios to boot from the cd.

Or have a look here to scan the drive as a slave and find the key... click here

  mammak 22:28 25 Mar 2007

The fact that your PC is custom built is irrelevant to the problem you have,

when it was built did you have a full installation CD of windows XP with product key or was it preinstalled OEM with a product key that is for what ever reason not working?

as has been already said you can not use anyone else's product key but all being legit you could use any windows XP disk as long as you have a legit product key,

I think this is where the problem lays your product key has a problem you say Microsoft say it is not valid I could be wrong and stand corrected but it is looking like you might have to buy a new version of windows with a legit product key.

  skidzy 22:38 25 Mar 2007

Hi ma,been a while :-)))

I dont think shymanpaul actually has a product key.Just that MS will not help unless he can produce his current key attatched to the side of the pc or with the disc.Hence sounds like a dodgey install.

  Kate B 22:46 25 Mar 2007

I don't think it's up to anyone here to judge the legitimacy of the install - it's just up to us to help fix the problem. shymanpaul, have really not got a key in any of the documentation that came with your PC?

  woodchip 22:52 25 Mar 2007

if you have not had the computer twelve months, take it back and ask them to fix it. as they have not supplied software for recovery. This is where Acronis comes into it's own. Creating a Image when it works can be put back on any new drive in that computer

  mammak 23:04 25 Mar 2007

Do not think anyone was being judge here simply asking how and where he/she got the Windows installation from we were only trying to help!

  skidzy 23:14 25 Mar 2007

well said.Im sick of this soapbox,Kate B seems to look for an argument whenever possible.

Kate B
Kate,im not judgemental of anyone,just stating the facts that we are given-hence my post "sounds like a dodgey install".
At no time did i imply shymanpaul installed the operating system.

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