Windows hangs at startup

  mtarfa 20:48 10 Nov 2003

I am having a serious problem with Windows XP. When I try to log on I frequently can get no further than the boot-up screen. The computer hangs and never gets to the white bar or the windows XP window. After a number of reboots the screen eventually appears and I am able to proceed as normal. I have restored the system to a date when this did not happen but this has not solved the problem. I have had two viruses recently ‘JS exception’ and ‘byte verify’, however, both have been caught by Norton anti-virus. I am running a 1.33Ghz athlonXP1500 and have 512mb ram.

Any ideas anyone –help!!!!

  gold 47 12:27 11 Nov 2003

This problem could have many reasons IE software
drivers ect have you taken a look in the event log this will show up what is causing the program hang
i can't say if you will understand them or not but you can click on them and it will be sent to Microsoft you will get a responce.
I did a full format and OS reinstall but it is a pain but your computer is back in it's default state does it hang now?if not it must be your installed software.
You will get more forum responce to this im shure.

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