Windows Genuine or not

  Roseandaleman 14:57 27 Apr 2006

I had an automatic windows update, after clicking to install received the following:
This copy of windows is not genuine you may be a victim of software conterfeiting. This copy of windows is not genuine and is noT eligible to receive the full range of updates and product support from microsoft.
Click Get Genuine now to get more information and resolve this issue

Also a blue star now appears on the task bar saying "you may be a victim of software conterfeiting".
Any ideas anyone, my copy of windows is genuine.

  rmcqua 15:00 27 Apr 2006

Sorry to ask what may seem a rather silly question, skylooker, but how do you know that your copy is genuine?

  Roseandaleman 15:12 27 Apr 2006

Hi rmcqua
Windows installed by computer shop via microsoft, and run by relations, who are checking this as well.

  dms05 15:13 27 Apr 2006

rmcqua - how do any of us? Buying what may appear to be a 100% genuine retail copy of XP isn't I'm afraid enough. Recently I saw an item that suggested high quality software piracy (ie indistinguishable from the real thing) is more lucrative than selling hard drugs. The financial reward is several times better than selling drugs and the social stigma if caught is slight.

  dms05 15:14 27 Apr 2006

Skylooker - was the computer shop a national chain or a local outlet who assembles his own machines?

  The Spires 15:20 27 Apr 2006

Skylooker, you should have a sticker on your case with the CD key on it & 'certificate of authenticity' written on it with a Microsoft hologram. To comply with the licensing terms the shop should have affixed this to your case.

  rmcqua 15:20 27 Apr 2006

I have yet to see a Windows XP fake disc that was in any way confusable with a proper one, including hologram etc. Until Skylooker completes his investigations, I will remain skeptical.

  The Spires 15:27 27 Apr 2006

How to tell click here

  dms05 15:31 27 Apr 2006

This link tells you how to get rid of the pop-up message click here

The report I read said the copies were so good it was alleged that main dealers were selling them as a way to improve profits. Sorry I can't locate the original story on either The Register or The Inquier but it was published recently.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:10 27 Apr 2006

Are you trying to update by Firefox?

MS genuine check only appears to work properly if using Internet explorer.

  pj123 16:36 27 Apr 2006

Seems to be quite a few threads with this problem recently.

Glad I am still on Win 98SE.

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