Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)

  RD9 22:32 24 Jul 2006

Does anyone else think this download smacks of big brother, or am I being cynical and over-sensitive. I do have a genuine copy of Windows XP.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:23 24 Jul 2006
  DieSse 23:24 24 Jul 2006

*Does anyone else think this download smacks of big brother, or am I being cynical and over-sensitive.*

Both - IMHO.

They are quite within their rights to check that you have a legal, genuine copy of WinXP, and that you haven't installed it on multiple systems, in contravention of the license terms.

The way they implemented the check was not as honest, open and transparent as it could and should have been. They had no need to obscure the issue as a critical update - and they had no need to make it "phone home" every day or so (which they now recognise and have amended).

Quite why such large organisations such as MS and earlier Sony (with their root-kit fiasco) are not a tad wiser in how they do these things, will always be a mystery to me. On the face of it it smacks of a "let's see if we can get away with it" attitude.

  RD9 23:57 24 Jul 2006

Thanks Gandalf

  RD9 00:06 25 Jul 2006

Thanks DieSse

  BT 07:57 25 Jul 2006

I believe there is a spurious version of WGA doing the rounds. It is apparently a WORM that is doing the rounds via AOL Instant Messenger. It is called Cuebot-K and disables Windows Firewall and opens a backdoor to hackers.

  baldtaco 12:33 25 Jul 2006

Cuebot-K worm poses as Windows Genuine Advantage

"WGA has recently been branded as 'spyware' in that it collects unnecessary hardware and software data from users' PCs.

The Cuebot-K worm spreads via AOL Instant Messenger, registering itself as a new system driver service called 'wgavn'. It carries the display name 'Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Notification', and runs automatically during system startup."

source - click here

click here

  Sethhaniel 16:02 25 Jul 2006

and it signalled WGA in its finds and removed it???

  RD9 23:12 25 Jul 2006

Thanks for your warnings and help BT, baldtaco and Sethaniel

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