Windows Genuine Advantage

  realist 19:08 03 Aug 2006

Windows Update wants to put this on my pc and wants me to accept the EULA.

I've heard bad things about it....can I refuse the installation or will it keep coming back?

  Totally-braindead 19:10 03 Aug 2006

If you want to download the updates you have to allow it.

  Superstylin 19:11 03 Aug 2006

i don't know the answer to your question but i'd recommend not putting it on. it seems to ask me almost daily to install and is definitely getting on my nerves seeing that little yellow triangle with exclamation mark at the bottom of my screen.

  realist 19:12 03 Aug 2006

So even if you refuse it doesn't go away!

  Forum Editor 19:18 03 Aug 2006

What sort of bad things?

I've installed it on all my computers, and have recommended that all my clients do the same. It's a perfectly harmless piece of software.

  realist 19:20 03 Aug 2006

To be honest I can't remember, but a red flag came up in my mind when I saw the title.

  realist 19:24 03 Aug 2006

These were the "bad things"
click here

  mammak 19:24 03 Aug 2006

Ditto FE, realist as long as your windows are genuine it will go unoticed as FE said it is harmless regards.

  realist 19:37 03 Aug 2006

OK.....thanks all

  961 19:53 03 Aug 2006

"what sort of bad things..?"

Well, a computer that I built, using a genuine, new, oem copy of xp, threw up a "this copy of windows is not genuine" message recently

After inserting the (genuine) disk, windows genuine advantage decided, after all, that perhaps the disk I had spent £60 on would be ok.

Last week, I bought 2 computers from Dell. One failed the Windows Genuine Advantage tool and the Windows Update page would not install the latest security patches. It took Dell 2 days to send me a key that enabled me to work round this nonsense. (No doubt bypassing the test) If I had been willing, I would have needed to call an 0870 helpline at God knows how much a minute. (Other folk try click here )

I fully accept the right of Bill to desire that folks don't pirate his software. But I have to say that as a guy who does not use pirated software that I find this a total pain in the whatnot. Just the same as Sony want to put software on my machine to cause problems, and just the same as I am required to sit through screens of "piracy is theft" when I buy a genuine dvd of the latest movie I want to watch, I find that as a genuine purchaser I am being penalised for the crimes of others

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