Windows Genuine Advantage

  jz 18:15 02 Jun 2006

I'm confused about Windows Genuine Advantage. Surely, if you have XP and your copy isn't genuine, it would fail activation. Isn't that what activation is for?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 02 Jun 2006

There are copies of XP that do not need to be activated.

  Devil Fish 18:23 02 Jun 2006

the reason for genuine advantage is that activation can be circumnavigated

and misuse of volume licensing keys

so genuine advantage a way of allowing only genuine users the chance to download goodies like defender and ie 7 and probably others

also recently ms has started flagging machines with a message to inform people that they are using illegal software

whilst this will not stop die hard pirates it will show genuine users that have been duped their is a problem

i also belive ms are replacing pirate with genuine copies at dicounted prices

  spuds 18:57 02 Jun 2006

Microsoft did a amnesty on fake copies, if it was proven that the user obtain the product from a 'reliable' source, and believed the copy was genuine. This as now stopped I believe, but Microsoft still want people to report the matter. Microsoft's advice is to go back to the supplier, and take the matter up at point of sale.

  seedie 19:10 02 Jun 2006

have every to protect their interests but I feel uneasy about their probing people's PCs to find out about their systems. I find their policy disturbing because they can find out whatever they like about your PC and I don't take their privacy policy with
confidence. They have been known in the past to sail
'close to the wind' on marketing too.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 02 Jun 2006

Don't know if everyone else has the same but since downloading the WGA update my PC connects immediately as I boot into windows.

I would prefer to be in "control" of when my PC connects!

The nag message is fair enough if the system is a copy but what exactly is WGA reporting to MS when my system is genuine?

  jz 19:25 02 Jun 2006

"the reason for genuine advantage is that activation can be circumnavigated"

If the pirates can circumavigate activation, then I suspect it won't be long before they can circumnavigate WGA. I guess it does give Microsoft a time window before this happens though, and when it does, they will presumably come up with something else on top of Activation and WGA to check that a copy is valid. I wonder what they will call it?

  jz 19:32 02 Jun 2006 the way, what piracy protection will Windows Vista have? Will it have anything extra compared to XP?

  seedie 19:40 02 Jun 2006

that I chose not to download 'advantage' and have not had any updates since.


  namtas 19:49 02 Jun 2006

it won't be long before they can circumnavigate WGA.
You are correct in you assumtion.

  jz 19:53 02 Jun 2006

seedie: has their actually been any updates since WGA came via Automatic Updates?

I only got WGA via automatic updates a few days ago, but automatic updates normally come only once a month (except in emergencies when Microsoft find a problem that is being widely exploited). The next round of updates aren't due for a week or two. (second Tuesday of the month).

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