Windows Freezes

  matofthemint 13:39 09 May 2011

Dell Inspiron E1505

Windows XP Pro, sp 3

Of late almost every time I turn on my machine Windows will load but only about half way and then it freezes. I have discovered that before I shut down to create a Restore Point. Then when it freezes I can go to Safe Mode and use the Restore Point to restart and then Windows functions properly.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

  woodchip 14:09 09 May 2011

It may be the hot whether we have been getting, If its not a New PC check inside round CPU Heat-sink for dust and muck

  birdface 14:48 09 May 2011

It could be a windows update problem.Try switching Windows automatic updates off the next time you create a restore point in safe mode and see if that makes any difference.

  Les28 15:28 09 May 2011

Does it boot OK into safe mode from F8? I don't mean last good configuration from F8 but into safe mode itself.

  matofthemint 13:33 10 May 2011

It boots just fine in Safe Mode from F8, that's where I have to go to get the restore point. I was not given a choice to create a Restore Point in Safe Mode, only restore.

  Les28 15:06 10 May 2011

You can't create restore points in safe mode. The saved restore point you select when in safe mode are there any details showing on the restore calendar for that restore point which might give a clue as to when that point was made, perhaps before installing or updating something, or does it just say system checkpoint

link text

Have a look in msconfig Startup Tab how many items ticked?

link text

What security software are you using anti-virus, firewall etc, added any new security software lately? Have you tried running your anti-virus in safe mode?

Have you had a look at the diagnostic/selective clean boot startup mentioned by I24 earlier and selectively adding more startup items until the problem begins again?

link text

link text

  Les28 15:12 10 May 2011

Second link Msconfig Startup tab link again

link text

  Les28 07:14 11 May 2011

Have a look in Windows Event Viewer to see if you have any yellow or red errors showing there.

Just click Start button, then Run, type in the Run box eventvwr and click OK.

In the Event Viewer window on the left hand narrow pane single click on the word Application, in the larger right hand pane Application events will now show in chronological order, you'd be looking for ones at boot time if they show, scroll down the list looking for any red or yellow error or warning markers, double click on any errors to get more details.

Later do the same by single clicking on the word System in the narrow left pane and see system errors in the right pane Close any windows with the normal X in the top right corner when finished.

Also do you know if anything is scheduled to do a scan at startup, perhaps your anti-virus? Could perhaps be causing startup problems, in which case stop that full scan schedule in its properties.

Disconnecting or switching off any external devices make any difference?

Perhaps a process of elimination by unticking some or all of the ticked items in the Startup tab in msconfig and seeing if you can boot normally with them unticked if you can then putting ticks back in one at a time and rebooting in between until the problem starts again Make a note of all ticked items before you start doing anything like that, so you know what was ticked and what wasn't.

If none of that works, you maybe able to run sfc /scannow if you have an installation disk.

  matofthemint 13:40 11 May 2011

Les28, I appreciate your help and suggestions and will get back to you on them as soon as I can. It's going to take a while to go through it all.

  Les28 14:59 11 May 2011

matofthemint, I'm off on holiday for a week from this Friday so take your time, no problem, probably someone will have sorted it out for you when I get back.

With your pc starting up OK in safe mode, it looks like it may be a software problem, perhaps something or more than one thing running at startup and causing problems, hence the idea of eliminating startup items in msconfig etc to maybe locate which one or ones are causing a problem, if any. Just stick to the Startup Tab in msconfig for the minute, if still having problems maybe need to carefully look at the non microsoft Services tab in msconfig later.

Not always but quite often security software can cause these kind of things.

I assume you're OK for free hard drive space and ram memory and do a certain amount of tidying up, ie run disk cleaner and defragging and occasionally check the hard drive for errors using windows error checker in XP.

Always worth having a look in Windows Event Viewer, there's nearly always a few errors or warnings in there that's fairly normal, it's constantly recurring errors or warnings you want to be looking for if any, Les.

  matofthemint 11:49 19 May 2011

I did a BIOS update from Dell and that seems to have taken care of the problem - at least so far. I appreciate your support and help, thanks so very much.

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