A Window's Freeze Up That Is Running and Running

  Rob6 19:22 21 Aug 2005

I have a window’s free up problem which manifests its self most often when there is some input like a mouse click or data typing. My bench mark is playing Free Cell – the freeze can occur anything from 5 seconds to 20 minutes after booting up. It has never happened whilst the PC is just been left turned on.

PC is running 98SE, Sygate firewall, AVG anti virus plus ad aware

I have operated in safe mode and it does not freeze.
I have done a clean install with no change
I have down loaded latest drivers for all my hardware with no change
I have run msconfig, gone to start up and de selected all but sys tray scan reg with no change
I have run Stinger, AVG and A squared in safe mode and normal mode with no change.

Couple of interesting points when running defrag it takes hours as it appears to get constantly interrupted. when running A Squared in normnal mode it never manages to get throught the scan - usally gets 2/3rds but freezes in differnt places

Any ideas what I could try next? I’m so frustrated that I’m beginning to feel like just throwing money at it i.e. considering updating to XP and/or buying a new graphics card.

  Rob6 20:12 21 Aug 2005

Should also have mentioned that the freeze also occurs when I'm rolling over links with the mouse pointer which makes me suspect that it might be graphics related

  woodchip 20:22 21 Aug 2005

It sounds like the Graphics driver needs updating, but try this first. Right click empty desktop/Properties/Advanced/Adapter cannot remember the path as I am on my XP laptop at the moment. But in there you should find on one of the Pages, Hardware Acceleration move the slider to the left one notch at a time and try

  Rob6 21:07 21 Aug 2005

I have moved to position 2 of 4 (it was on 4 of 4) and after five games of free cell it appears to have solved it. I'd like to pass you a digital pint for that!

On resetting to the lower hardware accel level I was informed that my Ati 9000 Radeon graphics card was no longer active (or something to that effect). I had down loaded the latest drivers from the Ati site. Do you think this could be a hardware issue rather than a software one?

  woodchip 22:07 21 Aug 2005

You may be better going back to the drivers you got with the Graphics card. I have seen where new drivers can make things worse

  pk470 01:12 22 Aug 2005

How much RAM are you using??if your using 512mb that in my view is to high for W98SE.
Do you defrag in safe mode?? the best way.
WXP is far the better OS but how old is your computer??

  pk470 01:42 22 Aug 2005

Another thing i forgot,is your HD jumper set to master? and not to cable select or slave.

  Nelmon2k 02:02 22 Aug 2005

Erm, his problem is solved. You can't have "too" much ram in your computer for windows 98.

  zarobian 08:19 22 Aug 2005

Woodchips suggestions are spot on

Have you tried running scan disk with options to repair and check for disk integrity. You can do this in safe mode quickly.

  woodchip 19:20 22 Aug 2005

yes you can, over 512mb is too much

  Rob6 19:23 22 Aug 2005

Ok. I'll do a scan disc and then load original drivers. (for info RAM is 512)

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