Windows formats 4GB Camera Card

  matt-few 10:23 22 Jun 2007


I relative just bought a 4GB SD card for her Nikon D50 Camera, although has now found out the camera can't format such a large card. If it can be formatted by other equipment she has been told the 4GB card will work.

Several years ago I used Windows XP Pro to format a 2GB SD card but afterwards ended up with a 1GB card.

Is there anyway I can use Windows to format the 4GB card that will still remain a 4GB card afterwards - or any other solutions.

Many thanks

  ventanas 10:40 22 Jun 2007

Not a good idea to format anywhere other than in the camera. You can try using a card reader and formatting from within Windows, but It may screw it up and make it unusable. Does she know anyone with a D80?

Of course this is going to be an ongoing problem every time the card needs formatting.

  cream. 10:43 22 Jun 2007

best to get a card reader that will format a 4Gb SD card. click here

  matt-few 11:02 22 Jun 2007

A friend of hers has a D80, but said it didn't work? - Hence why I'm asking for help.

I also have a D80 and will give it a try when I see her over the weekend. I take your point about it's not just a case of formatting a new card, but also when she wants to remove the photos once they have been transferred to PC!!

  crosstrainer 11:20 22 Jun 2007

Have you got a mate who has a Fuji DSLR? My 5800 will happily format a 4gb card, and I would assume this to be true across the Fuji DSLR range. Nikon are fussy cameras, tried my mates with my XP PC, and it wouldnt recognise the camera at all without the Nikon software, stuck the card in my laptop's card reader and burned the photos from there.

  crosstrainer 11:25 22 Jun 2007

The Fuji is no good to you, it uses xd cards, however if you can find a Samsung (I have one that happily formats 4gb sd cards) you should be ok...Sorry about the red herring

  hssutton 11:36 22 Jun 2007

My compactflash card over 2Gb for Canon DSLRs require formatting at Fat 32. My cards are always formatted using the pc.

Before posting this message I did a search and came up with this.
click here

  hssutton 11:48 22 Jun 2007

One of the most respected photographic sites click here says that you can use 4Gb cards, but as the camera will not format cards above 2Gb they must be formatted via your pc. See footnote on the above link.

Do a search for (4gb SD cards in a Nikon D50)and you will get a few hits.

  macbookboy 15:09 04 Sep 2007

have a look over at ttp://click here and see if that helps, you should be fine formatting in windows.

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