windows on floppy's

  gazzer1999 14:33 06 Mar 2004

Hi is there a way of transfering windows 95 from the c-d onto floppies so that I can load win95 onto my laptop which has no c-d rom

  Diodorus Siculus 14:39 06 Mar 2004

Don't think it is possible because there is a lot on the Win95 CD which did not come on the floppy version. The CD comes with many big cab files which are too big.

  Taran 15:09 06 Mar 2004

Yes, it is possible but very, very inconvenient to do.

It involves using some very clever compression software, some people find file splitters even better and preferably a formatting tool to format standard floppies to 1.77 megs instead of the usual 1.44.

You then have to compress each of the cabs files from the Windows CD and transfer them to floppy, as well as the setup file and several others. You end up with 30 or so floppies depneding on the version of Windows 95 you are trying to install.

Assuming you were lucky enough that nothing got lost or corrupted along the way you transfer all of those files onto the hard drive, decompress thm with a DOS based decompression tool and start setup. Try finding a file splitter that offers DOS support...

A far easier way is to connect your PC to another machine via a cable [serial or parallel is fine, but PCMCIA or LAN would be faster] and you can either copy the setup files onto your laptop hard drive or run setup from the other computers CD ROM. If you know someone with a PCMCIA network card you could borrow and your machine has PCMCIA slots you're halfway there.

I'd ditch the idea and either invest in an external CD ROM or connect via cable to another machine.

  gazzer1999 23:37 06 Mar 2004

hi what sort of cable would I need and how do I go about it

  Giggle n' Bits 23:58 06 Mar 2004

on Floppy disks, are you really sure you wanted 95 on floppies. 98SE comes in 75 Floppies !
Wonder what XP would be ?

  woodchip 00:03 07 Mar 2004

98 would be a lot better

  Taran 06:40 07 Mar 2004

The type of cable depends on the selection of ports you have on your laptop. If you have PCMCIA slots and know anyone with a PCMCIA network card you could borrow [with DOS support] that would be your fastest option. You would, of course, also need a willing accomplice who has a network of some description that you could hook into using said PCMCIA device.

You could transfer the files using serial or parallel if you have those ports but any of the cable connection options assume that you have access to another PC to transfer the files from coupled with the knowledge to configure a working cable connection between the two computers the the necessary DOS switches to SYS the C: drive, copy the necessary installation files and run setup. It is possible but it's not that easy and requires another PC.

The simplest option by far would be to source an external CD ROM and load Windows from it. You don't list the make or model of the laptop, but external CD drives were [and still are] available and the likes of eBay is an inexpensive way of obtaining one. A wanted add in your local paper could also pay off, but you would need to specify the make and model of your laptop.

You asked if it was possible to transfer Windows 95 setup files to floppy and yes, it is. However, it isn't very easy, it's very laborious and fraught with all kinds of potential problems. If you list the make and model of your machine one of us may be able to point you in the direction of an external CD ROM and that would solve all of your problems.

  gazzer1999 08:43 07 Mar 2004

HI Tarzan its a toshiba t1910

  jbaker65 10:47 07 Mar 2004

In Micromart sales ads you often see sets of floppies for win 95 at quite low prices (£5-£15) Surely this is the easiest solution.

  Taran 11:04 07 Mar 2004

I've just had a quick look in eBay and there are several suitable external CD ROMs for a few pounds.

I'd have thought that your local computer shop would be able to help you source one for your machine and the last time I went to a computer fair there were dozens of them in many of the bargain basement bits and bobs baskets.

That's the road I'd go down.

  smudge101 11:37 07 Mar 2004

Hi, Just a suggestion but linkpro produce a USB to USB cable to connect two computers.
It is cheap, mine was about £10 and the software is easy to use.
You would easily be able to copy the CD contents to your laptop as long as it has a USB connection

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