Windows Firewall with XP

  toofy 09:08 13 Jan 2009

I recently asked for help with a spoof Security Alert Center warning which ESET eventually resolved for me. TULLIE responded advising that Windows Firewall should not be used with XP. The ESET tech expert's advice was to use Windows Firewall as well as NOD32 antivirus. Perhaps if I get six responses to this I will take the majority decision! Seriously tho' I would really appreciate further guidance. Many thanks.

  brundle 09:43 13 Jan 2009

Upgrade to Eset Security Suite if you're concerned. Never a bad idea to have a better firewall than the inbound-only XP one, but a firewall won't stop the kind of rogue software you were infected with from getting in, they usually use banner-ads, Flash animations or script-based redirections embedded in webpages (and the aforementioned Flash animations). Install Firefox with the NoScript and Flashblock extensions.

  MAJ 09:50 13 Jan 2009

The built-in Windows firewall in XP isn't as effective as a standalone firewall, like ZoneAlarm for example, because while it does monitor incoming traffic it doesn't monitor outgoing traffic. So if you have a piece of malware on your PC, the Windows Firewall wont stop it 'phoneing home'. Every so often a security hole is discovered in the Windows firewall, the security hole is usually plugged pretty quickly with Windows updates. If you update Windows regularly and make sure you don't have any malware installed (by doing regular scans), then it's a pretty decent basic firewall, but personnally I have it turned off and use ZoneAlarm. Others like Comodo firewall or Kerio firewall.

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