Windows Firewall no longer monitoring AVG

  ribo 17:22 14 Jul 2006

I hope someone can help me here please. I use Windows Firewall (XPHome SP2). and AVG pro. Windows Firewall always monitored my antivirus prog. until just recently, when I had to uninstall and reinstall AVG.
To stop the Firewall alert I have to tick "I have a prog and will monitor myself (or words to that effect). Any help appreciated. Thanks J

  Jackcoms 17:32 14 Jul 2006

Windows firewall doesn't monitor AV programs.

However, go to Security Centre and, at the left-hand side, open 'Change the way Security Centre alerts me'.

Ensure that all three boxes are ticked.

  ribo 18:06 14 Jul 2006

Not quite sure I understand your comment that Windows Firewall does not monitor Antivirus programs.
As I stated,it always did, until I had to reinstall AVG. Now it has stopped doing so.
To stop getting the alert that says they cannot monitor it, I have to tick the box that says "I will monitor this myself".
Sorry if I have misunderstood what you say.

  VoG II 18:09 14 Jul 2006

Windows Firewall does not monitor AVG. The Security Center does. Control Panel, Security Center, chjeck the settings.

  Jackcoms 18:12 14 Jul 2006

The firewall is to monitor and prevent incoming 'attacks' from hostile websites.

Your AV program is monitored by Windows Security Centre - which is why I suggested you check its settings.

  ribo 18:18 14 Jul 2006

Sorry. OK, so I said Windows Firewall and not the Security Centre.
It is still the same problem, that it used to monitor it and now it doesn't. What setting can I check in the Security Centre.? please. The three boxes in the Left hand pane "Change the way Security Centre alerts me "are all ticked. It says Virus Protection NOT monitored. I have checked that AVG is one of the antivirus prog. that is monitored by Windows Security Centre.

  Jackcoms 18:20 14 Jul 2006

"It says Virus Protection NOT monitored"

What does?

And where?

Are your AVG definitions up to date?

  Stuartli 18:22 14 Jul 2006

You don't need to have the Security Centre monitoring your AV - just disable the feature i.e. choose Monitor it yourself.

SP2 was originally brought out in August 2004 with the partial intention of providing at least the minimum level of basic security for computer systems used by those who couldn't be bothered, or were unaware, with regard to this aspect of computing.

  ribo 18:27 14 Jul 2006

In the Security centre. If I have the box "I will monitor myself" ticked.
If I untick this box then it says Virus protection not found.And I keep getting alerts.

  ribo 18:29 14 Jul 2006

I realise what you say,but that is not the point is it. it was monitored before I reinstalled AVG. At the moment I have it so that I am monitoring myself because if I don't then I keep getting alert messages. J

  Jackcoms 18:34 14 Jul 2006

Sorry, still bemused. I'm looking at Security Centre and I CANNOT see a box or option that says 'I will monitor myself'

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