Windows Firewall, how do i disable it?

  gazmix 20:37 03 Oct 2007

I, as most may know after my long winded thread lately, have changed Firewall from ZA free to Ashampoo.
I recently did a Spybot scan & it found an issue that i posted on an anti Malware forum!
An expert asked me to do a scan with ComboFix & Hijack This which i did & then it rebooted!

However, on reboot, i got a popup from Windows Firewall asking if i should allow 'messenger'!!
I never had this before, what is it & how do i turn off Windows Firewall as i guess i don't need it as i have Ashampoo!


  VoG II 20:40 03 Oct 2007

In XP SP2, Control Panel > Windows Firewall.

  skidzy 20:40 03 Oct 2007

In xp,control panel / security centre

  skidzy 20:42 03 Oct 2007

As per VoG™ if in classic view.

  woodchip 20:42 03 Oct 2007

And they both work

  gazmix 21:00 03 Oct 2007

shouldn't they??, i dunno! i just noticed it after i rebooted after the ComboFix!
It says its enabled, should i turn it off seeing as it was on & i didn't know! I guess Ashampoo is my Firewall & i shouldn't have 2 i learned !!

  woodchip 21:03 03 Oct 2007

Yes it better turned of, Windows Firewall can be a nuisance. You are better running a free on like ZoneAlarm

  woodchip 21:05 03 Oct 2007

what I ment above, was both ways above work to turn it off

  gazmix 22:02 03 Oct 2007

Ok, i disabled it!, i'm hoping it was off before as i never had those notifications!
I'm assuming it was ComboFix that enabled it, as it also changed my default browser!
Could it have been?

  woodchip 22:05 03 Oct 2007

Could have done

  gazmix 16:15 04 Oct 2007

I used to have msn messenger 7.5 but it stopped working for some reason, so, as advised here, i i changed it to WLM 8.1, which i currently use & is similar to the old version 7.5 i had before!

I have disabled Windows Firewall as instructed above by VoG & Skidzy, although i assumed it was disabled in the 1st place as i never had these prompts before! & i've always had a Firewall in place (ZA or ashampoo).

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