windows firewall &comodo firewall pro

  Ventad 17:56 29 May 2008

Checked on my security status and found a statement report from windows security that windows firewall & Comodo firewall plus are both running, problem is I do not have comodo pro and cannot find it through CCleaner either any ideas please. VISTA

  Ventad 17:59 29 May 2008

could not find it through control panel as well

  Ventad 18:00 29 May 2008

that was Comodo firewall Pro not plus (sorry)

  Ventad 19:43 29 May 2008


  [email protected] 20:04 29 May 2008

right click command prompt, run as admin, type or copy and paste:
net stop winmgmt
cd /d %windir%\system32\wbem
rd /s repository
net start winmgmt

reboot, start security center you may have to wait a few minutes as vista rebuild the repository folder.

  [email protected] 20:05 29 May 2008

press enter after each line and select (Y) yes if prompted.

  Ventad 13:26 30 May 2008

Thank you for the responce sorry that I have not been back before this but its 1/2 term and the rug rats are staying over and hogging the comp.

I have just tried what you said but the cmd promt answers its own Y/N with N and says it is an invalid responce on each line.

  Ventad 13:29 30 May 2008

just thought should I have put each line in singly

  Ventad 15:42 30 May 2008

Sorted, common sence should have told me to use one line at a time, again thank you for that adman 2

  [email protected] 17:04 30 May 2008

sorry, been away too. glad you're sorted.

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