WIndows Explorer XP Home SP3 (Not IE)

  Tugum 21:22 16 Aug 2010

Over the past few days there have been several occasions when the response time taken to opening & closing short cuts, folders & files has been extremely slow as well as when I save a file. Once open however, response time returns to normal.

When I emptied my Recycle Bin this evening, which contained 3 small files, the Emptying Recycle Bin Window appeared twice and when I closed down my PC, the End Program Window for Explorer.ex was also displayed twice. Is it possible for 2 sessions of explorer to be running at the same time & causing a conflict?

After restarting my PC, the response time for opening & closing files etc was still extremely slow. With no other processes running except for security, I checked Task Manager & the System Idle process was hovering between 98% & 99% & there was only 1 entry for explorer.

Having trawled the various threads on slow response times, I can confirm that I already follow the advice given on regularly running anti virus, spyware, malware, defragging & cleaning the registry etc and that the partition on which my OS resides has 46.6 GB of space.

Any ideas.

  woodchip 22:06 16 Aug 2010

Go into MSCONFIG and remove all none essentials start-up items. then reboot

  Batch 12:43 17 Aug 2010

There's so many possible causes it is difficult to know where to start.

I suppose one thing to do would be to open up Task Manager (CTL+ALT+DEL) and click on the Processes tab (suggest you then click on the CPU clumn heading twice so that the rows are ordered in descending order of CPU usage). Also in the Options menu check "Always On Top" so that you can see the processes' CPU usage all the time.

Then, in Windows Explorer, click on shortcuts etc. and see if any (unexpected?) processes seems to use an inordinate amount of CPU.

Another possibility (which may show as high CPU under one thing or another as above) is to opend Device Manager and see if you have any faulty devices as these can sometimes lead to the drivers (for such devices) hogging CPU.

If not the above, maybe some others have suggestions....

  Graphicool1 13:46 17 Aug 2010

Click on 'My Computer'
Right click C: (your OS drive)
In menu click 'Properties'
Click the 'Tools' tab
Under 'Error Checking' click 'Check Now'
click the box next to...
'Automatically Fix File System Errors'
Click 'Start'
A notice will say it can't do it until the next time you boot. Click 'Yes' and reboot

  Tugum 19:13 17 Aug 2010

VMT for your responses.

Woodchip – This is something that I always do whenever I install new SW that I don’t need to run at start up & so start up is no problem. The problem often occurred either immediately after start up when I tried to open something or, after I had been successfully using the PC for a period of time. Having said that, the problem is now consistent.

Batch – Task Manager is already set up as you suggested. I’ve had it open with explorer highlighted so that I could watch its CPU usage while opening & closing shortcuts etc and the most it has used is 6% and System Idle being reduced accordingly. There were no other unexpected processes hogging the CPU.

No faulty devices shown in Device Manager.

Graphicool1 – Already checked this for all my drives/partitions & there were no errors.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:23 17 Aug 2010

"Task Manager & the System Idle process was hovering between 98% & 99% & there was only 1 entry for explorer."

Is good

Try running a repair
Start - Run
sfc /scannow
press OK

Windows will scan and replace missing or corrupt windows files.

  Tugum 21:02 17 Aug 2010

On 1st attempt to run sfc /scannow I got the message that I had not inserted the correct disc so I cancelled the process & ejected the disc & confirmed that was in fact my original XP disc. The same message appeared on the second attempt & again I cancelled & ejected the disc.

I then loaded the XP disc & waited until the Welcome to MS Windows XP window was displayed before running sfc /scannow. Although the process kept telling me that it needed to access my original disc to which I selected ‘Retry’, it appeared to have completed ok & there were no further messages about using the wrong disk.

Although there was no prompt to restart the PC, I did a close down & restart. I got distracted during the start up, but caught a glimpse of a light blue screen, which could have said Please Wait ………, before the Welcome screen was displayed. Unfortunately the problem remains.

I’m well prepared for a clean re-installation if it comes to it.

Although there are no faulty devices shown under Device Manger as suggested by Graphicool1, I'm just wondering if the message I got running sfc /scannow may indicate otherwise.

  Tugum 23:01 17 Aug 2010

Just had a message displayed to say that there is a problem with Intellitype Pro S/W Installation & that I need to delete the current S/W & the run Intellitype Pro Set Up again to fix it.

Could this be the cause of the problem? Although the following message is still displayed on the screen, my response time is back to normal.

I’ve located MS Intelitype Pro 5.2 in Add or Remove Programs, which shows it as rarely used, which is a surprise as this is for my wireless keyboard which is obviously in constant use, so I can delete it from here. I’ve checked MS Updates & there is nothing shown, but Pro 7.1 is available as a download from FileHippo.

Despite the advice to delete the current version first, my initial thought is that if I delete it first, then I’ll lose the use of my keyboard & that it would be best to D/L V7.1 & run it to replace the current version. Can anyone advise if this is sound thinking?

  keef66 11:13 18 Aug 2010

I doubt that you'd lose the use of the keyboard by uninstalling it; I don't have it on any of the pc's I use and I seem to be able to type.

  keef66 11:20 18 Aug 2010

And don't worry about the fact that Windows thinks it's rarely used; it thinks that about stuff I use daily, so it's clearly not to be trusted!

  Tugum 19:52 18 Aug 2010

Touch wood; since I installed V7.1 a couple of hours ago my response time has been instantaneous. I'll leave the thread open until tomorrow to be on the safe side (Not sure if you can re-open a thread once it has been classed as resolved).

As always, VMT to one & all.

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