Windows Explorer is trying to act as a server

  sea urchin 18:09 28 Apr 2007

Within the last few days my firewall (ZoneAlarm) has started asking permission to allow the above question when I connect to my browser (IE6). Thus far I have denied access, and everything runs normally. I can resolve the problem by telling ZoneAlarm to always disallow the request, but I would like to know why it should be happening? Thanks in anticipation.

  jay.p 19:21 28 Apr 2007

not too sure but i have also had the same thing and also deny it with no ill effects.
a server is A computer that delivers information and software to other computers linked by a network and by this definition i will not allow it as it seems to suggest information and or files outward going from my pc which i am sure none of us want.
someone a bit more techy may put me right if i am a bit off track but better safe than sorry.

  sea urchin 19:35 28 Apr 2007

Hi Jay.p you have confirmed my thoughts exactly - I have no wish to be "serving out" info to other computers unless I control it. As you say someone with greater technical knowledge than I may know why this is happening.

  Kate B 19:46 28 Apr 2007

Have you scanned with all the usual antimalware apps? I suppose it could be the work of a Trojan, but also I've just found this click here which suggests it's something to do with WGA.

  Stuartli 19:47 28 Apr 2007

The only item from the many programs, utilities etc on my system I have allowed to act as a server in ZA is Skype.

  sea urchin 19:56 28 Apr 2007

Many thanks Kate B and Stuartli. Yes, I've scanned thoroughly and no problems appear. The forum link on WGA is interesting. I think I shall ask ZA to permanently disallow it, and forget about it.

  Ray5776 20:04 28 Apr 2007

Block it out now, it is malware and do a clean up of your system.


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