Windows Explorer Shrunk Screen

  amatlancer 21:48 25 Jan 2012

I accidentally hit either Alt, Ctrl, or the Windows Start (Alt Option) button with a combination of other letter or key and my browser picture shrunk in size. What exactly did I hit and how do I reset my internet screen back to its normal state?

  johnnyrocker 21:56 25 Jan 2012

you havent said what system you use but generally one opens a window then drags it to fit then close with alt f4 when reopening should be ok


  birdface 21:57 25 Jan 2012

Will the Restore up, next to the red X work.

  amatlancer 22:00 25 Jan 2012

I'm using Internet Explorer 8 and running Windows XP.

  amatlancer 22:27 25 Jan 2012

to be even more exact, my fonts and info on a web page shrank. to go further, on a typical login screen that sits in the middle of a webpage, to be more precise this one:

the screen wont let me see the dialog box to type in my password or even see what im typing. i have to hit tab to type it in but cant see it or click in it. a scroll bar is there to scroll left to right.

  birdface 22:59 25 Jan 2012

Not much help but if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse hold down your Ctrl button and turn the mouse wheel.See if that helps a little.

Not sure how you get rid of the other browser though.

  Ian in Northampton 09:27 26 Jan 2012

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is from the way you describe it - but if fonts in a browser window have suddenly become very small, it sounds like you may have hit Control and - (minus). To restore them, just hit Control and + till they're the size you want them to be.

  amatlancer 21:31 27 Jan 2012

TO "Ian in Northampton"- Thank you so much, your recommendation worked.

  Ian in Northampton 15:17 28 Jan 2012

Another happy ending... :-)

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