Windows Explorer problem

  Fitto 13:21 15 Jul 2005

Dave been using windows explorer to locate folders and drag & drop images frim Digital camera. Something has gone wrong.When Explorer opens, I was able to see two panes. The left was headed all folders. I now only can see one! the left pane is entirely "greyed out" with just a cross in the right hand side, top. I suspect this is a 1 D 10 T problem of my own causing. Much playing around has failed to restore this. HELP.

  Danoh 15:22 15 Jul 2005

Do you get the same when you click on "Start", then "All Programs", navigate to "Accessories" and click on "Windows Explorer"?

  woodchip 15:26 15 Jul 2005

What is your OS 98, ME or XP

  Fitto 16:48 17 Jul 2005

If it will help, my operating system is Windows 98 SE. Thanks,, Ray

  woodchip 17:51 17 Jul 2005

Just sent you a mail, also if you can get Explorer, go to Menu\View\Explorer Bar\tick folders

  Danoh 20:51 17 Jul 2005

Fitto emailed "I have windows 98SE. I do not appear to have Explorer in Accessories!"

Sorry Fitto. I can't remember exactly where you would find the Windows Explorer program displayed in 98SE.

  woodchip 21:16 17 Jul 2005

I posted it back it's in the Windows Folder

  Fitto 23:27 18 Jul 2005

Been told something about upgrading to internet explorer 6 from 5.5, this will solve ? my windows explorer problem?????

  Danoh 00:11 19 Jul 2005

Fitto emailed "Thanks for your help so far. Still have left hand pane of windows explorer greyed out! been told something about upgrading from Internet explorer 5.5 to 6. This wil apparently sort my problem. Comments???? Regards Fitto (Ray)"

Fitto, I can't read the email exchanges and suggestions made by woodchip and nor can other forum members. Its always best to post in this thread of yours instead so others can read and see what has been tried or not.

Internet Explorer is a browser and a completely different program to Windows Explorer.

I have never come across your problem with Windows Explorer ~ Are you are sure its not a program that came with the camera that you are having problems with?

You mention that your left hand pane used to show all folders, but now there is only one. What is the name of that folder? Have you clicked on it so it expands out, or is it greyed out and you can do nothing with it?

You say that the right hand pane just has a cross at the top right hand corner ~ is the main pane itself also greyed out?

Please post back any response here rather then email as the more you describe your situation, the more others can see and if something that has been posted strikes a cord, you will get more people chipping in.

  Danoh 09:40 19 Jul 2005

Just had a thought; is the battery on your Digital Camera properly charged up?

  woodchip 10:40 19 Jul 2005

Run this if you have a Full XP disc not Restore Disc click here

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