Windows explorer must close down!

  al's left peg 22:12 14 May 2008

Hi Guys,

I wonder if anybody can advise me on how to help a single mother with a problem on her pc.

It's quite an old pc but running XP Professional. The problem is as soon as I open Internet Explorer it gives a warning saying windows explorer must close down. It won't allow me to open windows explorer as that closes as well. I have managed to defrag the hard drive, but cannot do a full virus scan as that keeps saying it has encountered a problem and must close down. It is using Virgin media pc guard. I can't download AVG as it needs something like a service pack to get it to run. It has partly ran the Virgin virus scan and found over 500 infected files within 16% of the hard drive (ps I have tried running it in safe mode but it still gives the same warning.
Any help appreciatted

  birdface 22:18 14 May 2008

Maybe try opening another user account and see if it runs Ok on that.Or maybe a system restore to an earlier date.Try downloading Firefox and use that.

  al's left peg 22:24 14 May 2008

Thanks buteman, but it is so unstable it is just giving error messages like every few minutes. I have suggested just formatting the drive but, she can't find the XP disc (she thinks the ex husband has took it when he left)

  birdface 22:52 14 May 2008

On the side of the computer there should be an OEM sticker with the XP keycode on it.If you borrow an XP disc from a friend or neighbor you should be able to use that as long as it is the same version [ whatever.]Then just add the keycode on the OEM and it should be ok to do it that way.

  al's left peg 23:13 14 May 2008

ok cheers buteman, will try that tomorrow. I honestly think it's a virus or a conflict as she has just had wireless bb put on in the last month or so and put a webcam on for the kids to use msn.
I have done a search on here for this problem and there are a few things I will try from that but will leave the thread open for the time being.

  birdface 23:32 14 May 2008

I don't suppose the kids downloaded Messenger Plus by any chance.Sorry but no knowledge of wireless so can't help you with that.If you can right click local area connection and press repair and see if it comes up with any problems.

  brundle 00:54 15 May 2008

Get rid of PCGuard, it's worthless (and not just because it's free). Avast and some additional anti-spyware software is a much better combination. click here

  al's left peg 18:46 15 May 2008

buteman,the have not downloaded msg plus. Brundle, I can't keep the system stable long enough to download anything to be honest. I got AVG 8.0 downloaded but it won't install due to it being xp pro.

  birdface 20:13 15 May 2008

Don't think it is anything to do with XP pro.You need to be running Sp2 I think for AVG 8.Looks like she has not been running her Microsoft updates.Has she got C Cleaner installed.maybe try running that in safe mode if it stays open long enough.What Firewall is she using.

  al's left peg 20:55 15 May 2008

I think it must be the Virgin pcgaurd firewall, she is not in tonight so I can't access the pc. I have never used C Cleaner before so, can I save it to a disc on my pc and try and run it from there? Also, do I delete everything it finds. One final point, thanks for your help upto now, much appreciatted.

  birdface 22:35 15 May 2008

I usually delete everything it finds.But it will ask if you want to back it up before you delete.Can you run your Anti-Virus in safe mode or does it still cut out.C Cleaner is just a registry and crap cleaner,A better one Is Winaso Optimizer[free] But that only repairs 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like and does an automatic back up.But if Winaso finds about 500-600 problems it takes a while to repair them all.

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