windows explorer keeps closing down

  patso 21:40 17 Nov 2006

i keep getting windows explorer having to shut down and asking me to send error reports.has anyone any suggestions as to why this is please?

  Technotiger 21:45 17 Nov 2006

Hi, I would guess that perhaps you are using the new IE7 - is this right?

  anskyber 23:13 17 Nov 2006

If it is IE7 then there could be a number of reasons. This is a good one to start with. If you have toolbars eg Google or other add ins.

Try temporarily disabling the toolbar and try again.
To disable a toolbar open Internet Explorer 7, follow these steps:

In Windows, click the Start button.
Click All Programs.
Click Accessories.
Click System Tools and then click Internet Explorer (No add-ons).
Once you determine the toolbar causing the issue, you should uninstall the toolbar through Add or Remove Programs in Windows Control Panel and then check the toolbar’s website for an updated version.

  g0slp 00:00 18 Nov 2006

I had a similar thing on one machine earlier this week, but 'touch wood' before I got round to a cure it seems to have cleared up after the latest round of Windows Updates.

The error messages being sent to Microsoft were as follows:-

AppName: iexplore.exe
ModVer 7.05730.11
AppVer 7.05730.11
Offset 000d4156
ModName mshtml.dll

It might be worth running Belarc Advisor from click here ; this will tell you if all Updates are installed & correct. If not, then you can get them from Microsoft.

  patso 19:12 18 Nov 2006

sorry for the delay in replying. and yes i just installed ie7 thanks for replying and i will try your advice and post back and let you know if it helps. Can you say why ie7 is causing the problem by any chance thanks again.

  anskyber 19:16 18 Nov 2006

In simple terms the IE7 was out for a long while in Beta forms. One of the reasons was to allow people like Google to check their add ons against the new browser and if needs be update it.

So, there could be non compliant add ons (like tool bars or there could be a need to update to ones which are compliant.

  Technotiger 19:17 18 Nov 2006

Hi, cannot say why, just that you are not alone, I and many others have had the same problem - I now mostly use Firefox.


  patso 21:44 18 Nov 2006

ok lads thanks again and i might try firefox as a friend has it and thinks its great.if any one can send a link for it that would be great.thanks again

  anskyber 21:46 18 Nov 2006
  patso 12:36 19 Nov 2006

thanks anskyber can you also tell me how to revert back to ie6 if i still keep getting the ie crashing
thanks again

  anskyber 12:41 19 Nov 2006

I do not use Firefox so others may need to correct me here. You should keep the blue "e" (the IE6 program symbol) which I assume you have a shortcut to on your desktop. To use IE6 again simply launch from there.

I cannot recall with IE6 but I seem to remember there is a setting which claims it back as your default browser.

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