Windows explorer has encountered a problem!

  Si A 16:42 18 Jan 2003
  Si A 16:42 18 Jan 2003

I'm running XP Pro when we go into my docs a message comes up saying windows explorer has encountered a problem and has to shut down, it sends us back to the desk top so we have no access to our files, it also has to ask us if we want to restore the active desktop. I have tried to repair win xp with the disk but had no joy any more ideas out there.

  BigMoFoT 16:47 18 Jan 2003

Look in the mangement console (right click my computer, choose manage), event viewer, application then double click on error, (will be a red circle with a cross) it will give you some more details as to why the fault is happening and in which dll or address.

Post back with those details and we'll take it from there.

  Si A 16:56 18 Jan 2003

As soon as I click on my computer I get the error mssage and when I clear the message box my computer screen clears away

  Si A 17:15 19 Jan 2003

Sorted it out. There are 103 error messages and 45 warning messages. Most are either explorer.exe or iexplorer.exe.Here is the whole fault as written."Fault application explorer.exe version 6.0.2600.0 faulting module mfc42.dll version 6.0.8665.0 fault address 0x0005bf55."
Another " xupiter startup 2003.exe version faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00000001."
Another "faulting application 2xexplorer.exe version, faulting module 2xexplorer.exe version fault address 0x00054a58."
Another "The performance counter name string value in the registry is in correctly formatted. The bogus string is 2332, the bogus index value is the first DWORD in Data section while the last valid index values are the 2nd & 3rd DWORD in Data section." Hope this helps there are some more but these should do to be going on with. It all so seems to be affecting e-mail I sent this yesterday but it didnt go.

  bvw in bristol 17:29 19 Jan 2003

You have Xupiter on your machine, this might be worth reading : click here

  bvw in bristol 17:42 19 Jan 2003

Xupiter may be your problem:click here this link may be worth reading.

  alberybunch 18:00 21 Jan 2003

thankyou thankyou i have also been having this problem with xupiter i will follow your advise and hopefully it will solve it. thanks again

  alberybunch 19:15 21 Jan 2003

i downloaded ad aware which scaned and deleted quite a lot. but i still cant open internet explorer it says the problem is iexplore.exe
i also looked in computer management which had 69 errors iexplore.exe faulting module mfc42.dll any ideas why !!!!

  VoG™ 19:18 21 Jan 2003

What version of Windows do you have?

  VoG™ 19:23 21 Jan 2003

You could try Spybot click here as it is more up to date than AdAware. If that fails, try repairing Internet Explorer:

95/98/ME click here

XP click here

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